Raise the Rate Open Letter 2023

The Letter

Dear Prime Minister,

We all want the security of knowing that we’ll be supported during tough times. But right now, the rate of income support is so low that people are being forced to choose between paying their rent or buying enough food and medicine.

As a result, people experience chronic mental and physical health issues, they’re forced into homelessness and insecure housing, trapped with abusive partners, and locked out of paid work because they don’t have the money they need to retrain and re-enter the workforce.

It is long past time that we addressed this structural injustice. That’s why we urge you to adopt the priority recommendation of the Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee and raise the rate of income support.

Even before the cost-of-living crisis, income support payments weren’t nearly enough to cover basic expenses, but now people struggling to get by on $50 a day face increased deprivation.

In the last twelve months, rents in capital cities have risen by about 22 per cent and food prices have skyrocketed. While everyone in our community is feeling the impact of these cost-of-living pressures, people on income support are going without food and other basics because they have nothing left to cut back on in their budget.

In March 2023, research from ACOSS found that seven in ten people on income support were eating less or reporting difficulty getting medicine or care.

We cannot leave people with the least behind.

Right now, 80% of people receive JobSeeker Payment for 12 months or more. In December 2022, Anglicare found that there were 15 Jobseekers competing for each entry-level role, and almost half of all vacancies require tertiary education or at least three years of experience. The longer people remain on income support, the harder it is to transition back into paid work.

But at $50 a day, the current rate of Jobseeker isn’t even enough to cover the essentials like weekly food and medicines let alone get a haircut, or buy a new shirt for a job interview. And with the Reserve Bank predicting that unemployment will rise by 150,000 next year, we must ensure income support payments cover basic costs.

We call on the Federal Government to substantially increase JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and related income support payments so as to not leave people in need behind.

Sign the letter

We need to leverage the power of our collective voice to call for an increase to income support.

We’ve put together an open letter from diverse voices across the community urging the government to raise the rate.

Will you sign on to the letter?

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Members of Parliament

  • Alicia Payne MP (ALP)
  • Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah MP (ALP)
  • Louise Miller-Frost MP (ALP)
  • Kate Thwaites MP (ALP)
  • Peter Khalil MP (ALP)
  • Mary Doyle MP (ALP)
  • Carina Garland MP (ALP)
  • Steve Georganas MP (ALP)
  • Bridget Archer MP (LNP)
  • Kate Chaney MP (Independent)
  • Zoe Daniel MP (Independent)
  • Dr Helen Haines MP (Independent)
  • Dr Monique Ryan MP (Independent)
  • Kylea Tink MP (Independent)
  • Sophie Scamps MP (Independent)
  • Zali Steggall MP (Independent)
  • Allegra Spender (Independent)
  • Andrew Wilkie MP (Independent)
  • Adam Bandt MP (Australian Greens)
  • Elizabeth Watson Brown MP (Australian Greens)
  • Stephen Bates MP (Australian Greens)
  • Max Chandler-Mather MP (Australian Greens)
  • Senator David Pocock (ACT)
  • Senator Jacqui Lambie (TAS)
  • Senator Lidia Thorpe (VIC)
  • Senator Penny Allman-Payne (QLD)
  • Senator Sarah Hanson-Young (SA)
  • Senator Janet Rice (VIC)
  • Senator Jordon Steele-John (WA)
  • Senator Barbara Pocock (SA)
  • Senator Larissa Waters (QLD)
  • Senator Dorinda Cox (WA)
  • Senator Mehreen Faruqi (NSW)

Former politicians and bureaucrats

  • Robert Tickner AO
  • Brian Howe AO
  • Kathryn Greiner AO
  • Cathy McGowan AO
  • Robert Tickner AO
  • Doug Cameron
  • Jenny Macklin
  • John Hewson AM
  • Fred Chaney AO
  • Verity Firth AM
  • Renée Leon PSM
  • Andrew Podger AO
  • Marie Coleman AO
  • Chris Haviland
  • Kathryn Greiner AO
  • Renée Leon

Community sector and philanthropic leaders

  • Delia Donovan, Domestic Violence NSW CEO
  • Leonard Vary, Myer Foundation CEO
  • Mark Morey, Unions NSW Secretary
  • Dr Harry Randhawa, UnitingCountrySA Chief Executive
  • Tom Dalton, Neami National CEO
  • Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey, Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) Founder
  • Lucy Collier, Brisbane City Council Councillor for Morningside Ward
  • Brandon Howard, Anglicare NSW West NSW South & ACT CEO
  • Peter Peterson, Holy Spirit Church Social Justice Group Chair
  • Levi Fernandez, For Change Co. Co-Founder & Director
  • Human Rights Law Centre
  • Melissa Donnelly, Community and Public Sector Union (PSU) National Secretary
  • Debra Cerasa, Jobs Australia CEO
  • Fiona Katauskas, Guardian Cartoonist
  • Jill McCabe, Professionals Australia CEO
  • Edward Dorh Solo Sr, Federation of African Communities Council in Australia (FACCA) Inc National President
  • David Spriggs, Infoxchange CEO
  • David Moran, Mental Health Partners CEO
  • Jo Taylor Siddle, Family Foundation CEO
  • Helen Sutherland, Vintage Reds of Canberra and Region Secretary
  • Jemma Hooper, Industrial Workers of the World, Adelaide General Membership Branch Acting Secretary
  • Ian Dalziell, Public Issues Commission Anglican Diocese of Canberra Goulburn Secretary
  • Christina DiPierdomenico, Darebin Information, Volunteer & Resource Service Executive Officer
  • Vivienne Moore, Welfare Alliance CEO
  • Stu Cameron, Wesley Mission CEO
  • Michelle Braham, Youth Options CEO
  • Jodie Darge, Project Youth CEO
  • Ronni Kahn OzHarvest Ceo and Founder
  • Violet Roumeliotis, Settlement Services International CEO
  • Bill Gye (OAM), Community Mental Health Australia CEO
  • Bevan Warner, Launch Housing CEO
  • Rosanna Barbero, Addi Road CEO
  • Travis Gilbert, ACT Shelter Chief Executive Officer
  • Mindy Sotiri, Justice Reform Initiative Executive Director
  • Katherine Ellis, Youth Affairs Council Victoria
  • Linda Bayer, Woodcroft Morphett Community Centre Chairperson, instructor
  • Jade Blakkarly, WIRE CEO
  • Jim Wackett, Wesley Mission General Manager
  • Vicki Trevanion, Townsville Region Committee on the Aged President
  • Timothy Marks, Tasmanian Amputee Society President
  • Carmel Crouch, STEPS Group Australia Managing Director
  • Andrew D’Arcy, St Kilda Community Housing CEO
  • Eleonore Johansson, Southern Youth and Family Services General Manager
  • Jeremy Maxwell, Southern Peninsula Community Support CEO
  • Tanya Hardy, Project Youth Board Member
  • Stephen Carbone, Prevention United CEO
  • Shane Klintworth, Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast CEO
  • Carolyn Cartwright, MoneyMob Talkabout Managing Director
  • Cath Blakey, Wollongong City Councillor
  • Kay Richardson, Food Education Australia Executive Director
  • Sherry Norcott, Concerned Citizens of Braddon Community Founder
  • Tuong-Vi Pham, Community and Cultural Connections Inc EO
  • Rhonda Garad, City of Greater Dandenong Coucil Councillor
  • Elizabeth Handley, Brisbane Residents United Inc President
  • Gary Moore, Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre NFP Board Director
  • Imogen Sturni, Australian Services Union Victorian Private Sector Secretary
  • Angus McFarland, Australian Services Union Secretary, NSW/ACT Branch
  • Hamish McPherson, Australian Education Union Benalla P12 College sub-branch President
  • Gary Bourne, National Jumps centre, Head Coach Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Stuart Horrex, ArtSHINE CEO
  • Tharini Apolline Rouwette, Allies in Colour CEO
  • Dermot O’Gorman, WWF-Australia CEO
  • Thomas Johnson, Uniting Vic.Tas Manager, Advocacy and Public Policy
  • Jeanett Brentnall, Council to Homeless Persons Ex-CEO
  • Mark Glasson, Anglicare WA Chief Executive Officer
  • Brianna Casey, Foodbank Australia Chief Executive Officer
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Emeline Gaske, Australian Services Union Assistant National Secretary
  • Bev Jowle, Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA) CEO
  • Edward Carroll, Australian Progressives Vice President
  • Alberto Gomes, Global DEEP Network Director
  • Jennifer Weinstein, Mental Health Station Director
  • Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt, Women Worldwide Advancing Freedom & Equality (WWAFE) Chair & Trustee
  • Elizabeth Ebeling, Bright Green Lizard Manager
  • Wendy Farmer Voices of the Valley President
  • Michelle Greenwood Invisible Illnesses Inc Founder
  • Anthony Petropiccolo Centrecare Inc. CEO
  • Kristy Walters, Community Power Agency Director
  • Bernardine Guy, Zonta District 24 Lt Governor
  • Emeline Gaske, Australian Services Union Assistant National Secretary
  • Carol Mitchell, Justice, Ecology and Development Office, Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, WA Director
  • Caroline Hunt, The Australian Clinical Psychology Association President
  • Corinne Dobson, Mental Health Community Coalition (MHCC ACT) Acting CEO
  • Stuart Glover, The Salvation Army Australia Secretary for Mission
  • Storm Meiying Liu, IAC Intersectional Advisory Committee for Reframing Autism Committee member
  • Celia Adams, BeyondHousing CEO
  • Viki Hannah, Youth Services Bundaberg QLD Programs Manager Bundaberg Region
  • Eveline Crotty RSM Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea Institute Leader
  • Roy Antaw, Katoomba Labor Branch member SEC member
  • Violet Roumeliotis, Settlement Services International CEO
  • Dermot O’Gorman, WWF-Australia CEO
  • Larissa Baldwin-Roberts, GetUp CEO
  • Bernarda Edoway, International Forum for West Papua CEO
  • Amatus Douw, Bunanii Nation Religion CEO
  • Leo Patterson, Ross Tenants’Union of NSW CEO
  • Angie Perkins Youth Focus Chief Operating Officer
  • Alex Haynes Whittlesea Community Connections CEO
  • Jessica Munday, Unions Tasmania Secretary
  • John Grimes, Smart Energy Council CEO
  • Peter McNamara, South East Community Links (SECL) CEO
  • Debra Smith, Blue Mountains Unions & Community Secretary
  • Luke Skinner, Climate Justice Union Secretary
  • Dave Copeman, Queensland Conservation Council Director
  • Catherine Caine, Nobody Deserves Poverty Spokesperson on Income Support
  • Irene Henderson, The ‘Revolting’ Poor CEO
  • Avril Hannah-Jones, Uniting Church in Australia Congregational minister
  • Nicole Higgins, Royal Australian College of General Practice President
  • Luke Rycken Australian Youth Affairs Coalition CEO
  • Leanne Ho, Economic Justice Australia CEO
  • Liz Cameron-Smith, The Foyer Foundation CEO
  • Liz Jacka, Dying With Dignity NSW Director
  • Leisa Sadler Dress For Success Sydney CEO
  • Monique Earsman Catholic Social Services Australia Executive Director
  • Wendy Farmer Voices of the Valley President
  • Chris Cooper Purpose Head of Office, APAC
  • Elizabeth Deveny Consumers Health Forum of Australia CEO
  • Kate Colvin Homelessness Australia CEO
  • Dr Zena Burgess Australian Psychological Society CEO
  • Mohammad Al-Khafaji FECCA CEO
  • Stella Avramopoulos Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand CEO
  • Kasy Chambers Anglicare Australia Executive Director
  • Emma Greenhalgh National Shelter CEO
  • Toby O’Connor St Vincent de Paul National
    Council of Australia CEO
  • Mark Pearce Volunteering Australia CEO
  • Nicole Bartholomeusz cohealth Chief Executive
  • Marion Bennett Mission Australia Executive, Practice, Evidence & Impact
  • Rachel Ball Reichstein Foundation CEO
  • Jackie Brady Family & Relationship Services
    Australia Executive Director
  • Antoinette Braybrook Djirra CEO
  • Tracey Burton Uniting NSW.ACT CEO
  • Georgie Byron AM Snow Foundation CEO
  • Gill Callister Mind Australia CEO
  • Michael Chester Uniting WA Co-CEO
  • Brad Chilcott Welcoming Australia Founder
  • Pattie Chugg Shelter Tasmania CEO
  • Karen Cox Financial Rights Legal Centre CEO
  • David Crosbie Community Council of Australia CEO
  • Georgie Dent The Parenthood Executive Director
  • Joel Dignam Better Renting Executive Director
  • Julie Edwards Jesuit Social Services CEO
  • Sandra Elhelw-Wright Settlement Council of Australia CEO
  • Hayley Foster Full Stop Australia CEO
  • Kate Fox The South Australian Financial
    Counsellors Association Executive Officer
  • Carolyn Frohmader Women With Disabilities Australia CEO
  • Matt Gardiner 54 reasons (part of the Save the Children Australia Group) CEO
  • Rebecca Glenn Centre for Women’s Economic
    Safety CEO
  • Jennie Gray Women’s Legal Service WA CEO
    David Crosbie Community Council of Australia CEO
  • Tony Nicholson VincentCare Board Chair
  • Claerwen Little UnitingCare Australia National Director
  • Antonella Segre ADHD WA CEO
  • Fiona Guthrie Financial Counselling Australia EO
  • Carolyn Hodge People With Disability Australia (PWDA) Deputy CEO
  • Fiona Hunt Basic Rights Qld CEO
  • Edwina MacDonald ACOSS Deputy CEO/ Director of Policy and Advocacy
  • Jonathon Hunyor Public Interest Advocacy Centre CEO
  • Rebecca Jury Waratah Support Centre CEO
  • Skye Kakoschke-Moore Children and Young People with Disability Australia CEO
  • Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM Asylum Seeker Resource Centre CEO
  • Glen Klatovsky Climate Action Network Australia CEO
  • Tim Leach Community Legal Centres Australia CEO
  • Yumi Lee Older Women’s Network NSW CEO
  • Lucy Manne 350.org Australia CEO
  • Bill Mithen Give Where You Live Foundation CEO
  • Ram Neupane Settlement Services International Acting CEO
  • Kelly O’Shanassy Australian Conservation
    Foundation CEO
  • Chris Povey Justice Connect CEO
  • Claire Robbs Life Without Barriers CEO
  • Luke Rycken Australian Youth Affairs Coalition CEO
  • Patricia Turner National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation CEO
  • Karen van Woudenberg Blue Mountains Family Support Services Inc. CEO
  • Hang Vo Sacred Heart Mission CEO
  • Kylie Ward Australian College of Nursing CEO
  • Sally Watson Shelter Housing Action Cairns
    Association Incorporated CEO
  • Janine Wood No Limits Perth CEO / Chairperson
  • Peta Wootton Fremantle Women’s Health Centre CEO
  • Sebastian Zagarella People with Disability Australia CEO
  • Nicole Hornsby Baptist Care Australia Executive Director
  • Robert Hunt Dietitians Australia CEO
  • Alison McClelland AM Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand Chair (also former Commissioner of the Productivity Commission)
  • Travers McLeod Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director
  • David Morawetz Social Justice Fund Founder and Director
  • Lyn Morgain Oxfam Australia Chief Executive
  • Kris Newton Mountains Community Resource
    Network Manager
  • Dr Harry Randhawa Uniting Country Housing Ltd. Chief Executive
  • Jill Reichstein OAM Reichstein Foundation Chair
  • Mel Rowe Orana House Inc. General Manager
  • Natalie Sangalli Housing Choices WA General Manager
  • Tish Sivagnanan Australian Medical Students
    Association (AMSA) National President
  • Terry Slevin Public Health Association of Australia CEO
  • Diane Smith-Gander AO CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia) National Chair
  • Lin Hatfield Dodds The Benevolent Society CEO
  • Anna Brown Equality Australia CEO
  • Helen Szoke Life Without Barriers Non-executive director
  • Nick Tebbey Relationships Australia National Executive Officer
  • Joanne Toohey Afford CEO
  • Jason Trethowan headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation CEO
  • Kate Wheller Community Information & Support Victoria Executive Officer
  • Toni Wren Anti-Poverty Week Executive Director
  • Fiona York Housing for the Aged Action Group Executive Officer
  • Grace Hollin Koya Aboriginal Corporation Executive Manager -Operations
  • Lorraine Dupree Queensland Youth Housing
    Coalition Executive Director
  • Andrew D’Arcy St Kilda Community Housing Ltd. CEO
  • Justine Colyer Rise Network CEO
  • Kate Cotter Resilient Building Council CEO
  • Tanya Corrie Juno CEO
  • Bryanna Connell Barwon Community Legal Service CEO
  • Tom Conley, Not-for-Profit & Charity Community Consultants (NFPCCC) and Diverse Communities and Social Services (DCSS) LGBTIQA+ & Indigenous Social Enterprise Charity Managing Director & CEO
  • Narelle Clay, Southern Youth and Family
    Services CEO
  • Kim Brooklyn Parkerville Children and Youth
    Care CEO
  • Cherie Brandon Blue Mountains Women’s Health & Resource Centre Acting Manager
  • Matt Cairns Uniting Vic Tas Senior Manager

State and Territory Councils of Social Services

  • Gemma Killen ACTCOSS Interim CEO
  • Charlie Burton TASCOSS Acting CEO
  • Louise Giolitto WACOSS CEO
  • Joanna Quilty NCOSS CEO
  • Ross Womersley SACOSS CEO
  • Aimee McVeigh QCOSS CEO
  • Sarah Holder NTCOSS CEO
  • Emma King VCOSS CEO


  • Nicki Hutley, Independent Consulting Economist
  • Jeff Borland, University of Melbourne
  • Chris Richardson, Rich Insight
  • Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute Executive Director
  • Angela Jackson, Impact Economics and Policy Lead Economist
  • Ken Henry AC, Former Secretary to the Australian Treasury
  • Danielle Wood, Grattan Institute CEO
  • John Hewson AM, ANU Professor
  • Melinda Cilento, CEDA CEO
  • Emma Dawson, Per Capita Executive Director

Other prominent people

  • Anne Hollonds, Australian National Children’s Commissioner
  • The Venerable Steve Clarke, Anglican Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn Archdeacon
  • Brian Howe AO, Former Minister under Hawke and Keating governments
  • Carol Wagner, Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn Assistant Bishop & Vicar General
  • Bishop Mark Short, Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn
  • Fiona Stanley AO, Telethon Kids Institute Patron and Research Professor
  • Megan Davis, Pro-Vice Chancellor Indigenous UNSW Professor
  • David Thodey AO, Xero Chair
  • Thomas Mayor, Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) National Indigenous Officer (also author and signatory to the Uluru Statement from the Heart)
  • Fred Chaney AO, Active Citizen Advocate
  • Marie Coleman AO PSM, Australian feminist, social activist, public servant and journalist
  • Paul Zahra, Australian Retailers Association CEO
  • Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary
  • Michele O’Neil, ACTU President
  • Terese Edwards, Single Mother Families Australia CEO
  • Bishop Philip Huggins, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture Director of Centre for Ecumenical Studies and President of the National Council of Churches in Australia
  • Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP MASM, Islamic Council of Victoria Vice-President and Victorian Multicultural Commissioner
  • Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv, Bishop of Parramatta and Bishops Commission for Social Justice, Mission and Service, and Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Chair
  • Elizabeth Broderick, EB&Co.
  • David Thodey AO, Xero Chair
  • Patrick McGorry AO, University of Melbourne Professor of Youth Mental Health
  • Craig Foster AM, Retired soccer player, human rights activist and sports analyst.
  • Simon Holmes à Court, Climate 200 Convenor
  • Michael Raper, Community 21
  • Eva Cox AO, Women’s Electoral Lobby Founding member
  • Tim Costello, Community Council for Australia Chair
  • June Oscar, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
  • Mick Gooda, Former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
  • Jane Caro AM, novelist, columnist, social commentator
  • Wendy Bacon, Journalist
  • Julie McCrossin, AM Veteran radio and television broadcaster
  • Adel Salman Islamic Council of Victoria President
  • Sawsan Madina, Retired Head of SBS Television
  • Pru Bonham, City of Hobart Former Deputy Lord Mayor
  • Nicky Sloan, Community Industry Group CEO
  • Kerry Weste, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights President


  • Jenna Price, Visiting fellow, Australian National University Columnist, Academic
  • Kay Cook, Swinburne University of Technology Professor and Associate Dean of Research
  • Eileen Baldry, UNSW Sydney Professor of Criminology
  • Fran Baum AO, Flinders University Director, Southgate Institute of Health, Society & Equity
  • Julian Disney, Law Faculty, University of New South Wales Honorary Professor
  • Verity Firth, UTS Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion Pro Vice-Chancellor (Social Justice & Inclusion)
  • Miranda Stewart, University of Melbourne Law School Professor of Law
  • Dr Hannah McGlade, Curtin Law School Associate Professor
  • Carla Treloar, Social Policy Research Centre UNSW Scientia Professor
  • Nareen Young, UTS Business School Associate Dean (Indigenous Leadership and Engagement)
  • Toby Freeman, University Of Adelaide Senior Research Fellow
  • Meron Lewis, The University of Queensland Food cost and affordability researcher
  • Miranda Stewart University of Melbourne Law School Professor of Law
  • Ben Phillips, ANU Associate Professor
  • Peter Whiteford, Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University Professor
  • Diana Kelly, Uni of Wollongong Associate Professor
  • Aidan Craney, La Trobe University Research Fellow
  • Martina Jelocnik, University of the Sunshine Coast Research Fellow
  • Blair Williams, Monash University Lecturer
  • Connie Musolino, The University of Adelaide Research Fellow
  • Deborah Lupton, UNSW Sydney Professor
  • Evie Jones, University of Tasmania PhD candidate
  • Tim Curran, Lincoln University Associate Professor
  • John Spoehr, Flinders University Australian Industrial Transformation Institute Director
  • Donna McAuliffe, Griffith University Professor of Social Work
  • Jeffrey So, University of Queensland PhD candidate/ Research Assistant
  • Andrew Hayen, School of Public Health, University of Technology Sydney Professor
  • Francis Markham, Australian National University Research Fellow
  • Mathew Marques, La Trobe University Senior Lecturer in Psychology
  • Eileen O’Brien, UniSA Professor
  • Ian Goodwin-Smith, Flinders University Matthew Flinders Professor of Social Impact
  • Sandra Robinson, Flinders University Senior Lecturer Course Coordinator Social Impact
  • Gaby Ramia, The University of Sydney Professor of Policy and Society
  • Edward Jegasothy, The University of Sydney Lecturer in public health
  • Beth Goldblatt, University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Law Professor

Full list of signatories, in alphabetical order

Karletta Abianac
Hala Abokamil
Amirah Aboutaleb
Anthony Abrahams AM
Diane Adair
Celia Adams
Faye Adams
Lynda Adamson
Margaret Adamson
Joanna Adamson
Roma Adler
Alison Aggarwal
Brian Ahern
Bree Aitchison
Shail Akhil
Elizabeth Akister
Valerie Albert
Brad Aldred
Robert Aldred
Helen Alisandratos
Mohammad Al-Khafaji
Carlene Allen
Jane Allison
Penny Allman-Payne
Christine Allsopp
Rasha Alous
Lisa Altas
Michelle Ananda-Rajah
Iain Anderson
David Anderson
Monika Anderson
Chris Anderson
Connor Anderson
Nicholas Anderson
Kerri Anderson
Jo Anderson
Raphaela Angelou
Katharine Annear
Tess Annells
Blake Ansell
Roy Antaw
David Anthony
Iqram Anver
Rafael Aquino
Veronica Arbon
Lindsey Archer
Bridget Archer MP
Mary Arday
John Argue
Anna Arkoudis
Amanda Armstrong
Jillian Arnold
Jade Ash
Tanami Rose Ashby-Deering
Linda Ashton
Nina Asikainen
David Aslat
Lee Atalla
Tracey Atkinson Atkinson
Nicolette Atkinson
Stella Avramopoulos
Tracie Aylmer
Margot Ayres
Janine Baatjes
Luke Bacon
Judith Bacon
Brett Badger
Van Badham
Kate Baggs
Tatjana Bahro
James Baillie
Duncan Bainbridge
Peter Baines
Sarah Baker
Robert Baker
David Baker
Daryl Baker
Fiona Baker
Eileen Baldry
Larissa Baldwin-Roberts
Keith Bale
Rachel Ball
Michelle Ball
Nigel Ball
Olivia Ball
Karli Ball
Rhonda Balzan Bastow
Katelyn Bamford
Frances Bancroft
Adam Bandt
Inez Baranay
Rosanna Barbero Barbero
Cassandra Barford Barford
Jan Barnett
Josephine Barraket
Karen Barrett
Katrina Barrett
Cheryl Barry
Lynette Barry
Kathy Barry
Cameron Barry
Ricci Bartels
Nicole Bartholomeusz
Jenny Bartley
Andrea Barton
David Barwick
Lyndsay Bassett
Stephen Bates
Nathalie Batol
Stacey Batterham
Franka Bauer
Fran Baum AO
Peter Bawden
Linda Bayer
Vicki Beard
Carmen Beauchamp
Slava Beliakova
John Bell
Stephanie Bell
Peter Bell
Nigel Bell
Susan Bell
David Bell
Louisa Bemelen
Dave Bender
Marion Bennett
Jake Bentvelzen
Daniel Berg
Clare Berge
Simon Berglund
Clifford Bernard
Kate Berrill
Heidi Berrill
Marina Bertoz
Claire Bettington
Alicia Bettles
Dianne Bevan
Eli Beverley-Schack
Zoya Bibay
Jill Biddington
Mellissa Biernacki
Rodrigo Biji
Tonia Binsiar
Lucy Bird
Tamara Bird
Carmel Biro
Anthony Bishop
Danielle Black
Liam Black
Alison Black et
Sandy Blackburn
John Blackmore
Reyna Blackwood
Di-dee Blaidd
Elizabeth Blair
Cath Blakey
Jade Blakkarly
Bea Bleile
Mike Blizzard
Michele Blommestein
Gayle Bloomfield
Peter Blunden
Deborah Boak
Emery Boccanfuso
Charles Body
Paul Boland
Jette Bollerup
Matthew Bolton
Amanda Bond
Andrew Bondfield
Pru Bonham
Jeff Borland
Giulio Bortolozzo
Jamie Bosanko
Ellen Boswell
Victor Boulos
Gary Bourne
Liz Bower
Sean Bowes
Natasha Bowley
Simon Boyd
Drew Boyd
Cameron Boyle
g bradbury
Janet Bradford
Phil Bradley
Phil Bradley
Michelle Bradshaw
Jackie Brady
Michelle Braham
Kate Braid
Angela Bramble
Mark Brandi
Cherie Brandon
Mike Bravo
Antoinette Braybrook
Taree Brearley
Jeanette Brentnall
Rocket Bretherton
Rae Bridges
Anna Bridle
Leonie Bristow
Annette Bristow
Elizabeth Broderick
Kim Brooklyn
Clive Brooks
Elizabeth May Brooks
Nenagh Brosnan
Joy Brotton
Lucy Brown
Anna Brown
Peter Brown
Steve Brown
Pauline Brown
Karen Brown
James Brown
Julia Brown
Aeryn Brown
Michelle Brown
Stuart Browne
Helen Browne
Robert Bruce
marree bruce
Rachael Brumley
Nicole Brunt
James Brus
Emma Bruty
Denise Bryant
Simon Bryant
Margaret Bryant
Riley Buchanan
Peter Buchanan
Geoffrey Buchanan
Geoffrey Buchanan
Margaret Buckham
Autumn Buckley
fiona Bucknall
Emma Buhse
Ms Imogen Bunting Bunting
Katherine Bunyard
Margaret Burbidge
Janet Burchill
Zena Burgess
Jennifer Burman
Maureen Burns
Gregory Burns
Margaret Burns
Rosemary Burnside
Hannah Burrow
Katherine Burrows
Tracy Burrows
Audrey Burson
Charlie Burton
Tracey Burton
Tracey Burton
David Bushell
Dianne Butland
Brad Byquar
Jo-Anne Byrne
Yvette Byrne
louise byrne
Lisa Byrnes
Andrew Byrnes
Juliet Byrnes
Grace Cahill
Catherine Caine
Diane Caira Caira
Matt Cairns
James Calder
Paul Callahan
Robin Callander
Gill Callister
Leanne Calverley
Helen Cameron
Doug Cameron
Jennifer Cameron
Nicole Cameron
Stu Cameron
Liz Cameron-Smith
Sara Camier
Jennifer Campbell
Rachel Campbell
Charlotte Campbell
Jackie Campisi
Nicholas Canu
Santino Caporarello
Stephen Carbone
Gabrielle Carey
Aoife Carli Hannan
Anne Carlin
David Carlisle
Amanda Carlon
Sarah Carlsson
Jane Caro
Neil Carpenter
Josh Carrapiett
Edward Carroll
Thomas Carson
Matthew Carter
Morilyn Carter
Carolyn Cartwright
Mary Carty
Alanna Casaclang
Brianna Casey
Sharon Cashman
Sara Caspani
Suzanne Cass
Morgan Cataldo
Justine Cathcart
John Catt
Carolyn Cavana
Carolyn Cavana
Carolyn Cavana
Bruce Cawthorn
Debra Cerasa
Lucian Chaffey
Gwen Challenger-Scotman
Elizabeth Chalmers
Kasy Chambers
Karen Champniss
Lauren Champs
Sarah Chan
Maggie Chandler
Max Chandler-Mather
Kate Chaney
Fred Chaney
Bikash Chapagain
Nathan Chapman
Marina Chapman
Barbara Charan
Beth Charleston
Jo Chatterton
Jennifer Cheesman
Lalitha Chelliah
Yu Feng Chen
Penny Cheng
Beth Chesler
Michael Chester
Elaine Chevalier-Carter
Andrew Chia
Brad Chilcott
CentreforExcellence Child and Family Welfare
Michael Childs
Thomas Choo
Ioulia Chougaeva
Pattie Chugg
Floyd Churnside
Melinda Cilento
Rebecca Clark
Patricia Clark
Rod Clark
Steven Clark
Dianne Clark
Adam Clarke
Jacqui Clarke
Jolyon Clarke
The Venerable Steve Clarke
Marion Clarke
Denise Clarke
Tina Clausen
Narelle Clay
Ann Cleary
Helen Clemens
Sharna Clemmett
Peter Clemson
Esther Clerehan
Michael Clifford Clifford
Julia Close
Robyn Clough
Judith Cluley
Madeline Coelho
Else Coggins
Katherine Coghlan
Patricia Coghlan
Jennifer Cohen
Mishka Cole
Natasha Coleman
Sue Coleman
Caitlin Coleman
Marie Coleman AO PSM
Sarah Colgan
Billy Colless
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Nick Collins
talie collins
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CEO & Managing Director Tom Conley (JP, MAICD, AMICDA)
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Justine Connelly
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Tanya Corrie
Michael Corrigan
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Sophie Couchman
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Karen Cox
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Helen Coyne
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Aidan Craney
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Adele Craven
Joyce Crawford
Rachel Crevatin-Gunn
Dr Judith Nangala Crispin
Barbara Cronin
Nicole Cross
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Jennifer Crossan
Ingrid Crosser
Eveline Crotty RSM
Carmel Crouch
Kate Croucher
Christine Croyden
Daniel Crute
James Cruz
Lynne Csorba
Emily Culican
Mark Cullen
Jayne Cumberland
Peter Cunningham
Ralph Curnow
Tim Curran
Kate Curry
Jan Curry
Claudette Cusack
Lisa D
Christie Daffy
Tom Dalton
Ian Dalziell
Lettee Dametto
Zoe Daniel
Aaron Danks
Quang Dao
Darlene Darcy
Andrew D’Arcy
Jodie Darge
Yolanda Dasgupta
Emma Davey
Brendan David
Paula Davies
Ron Davis
Theresa Davis
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Emma Dawson
Celina Day
Cian de Bhaldraithe
Emmet de Bhaldraithe
Elizabeth de Bondy
Nicholas De Pasquale
Giancarlo de Vera
Helen Dean
Carmela Del Álamo Miguel
Emma Delahunty
Debra Delaine
Shane Demnar
Jackie Dempsey
Richard Denniss
Clare Deo
Catherine Devanny
Elizabeth Deveny
Maria Di Carlo
Rodney Diaz
Carol Dicker
Kayla Dickeson
Amber Dickson
Joel Dignam
Mary Dillon j
Sharon Dimer
Christina DiPierdomenico
Julian Disney
Tom Dittman
Jill Dixon
Andrew Dixon
Mathew Doble
Michelle Dobson
Corinne Dobson
Eva Docekalova
Penelope Dodd
Jago Dodson
Frances Doherty
Hrisanthi Dokos
tashi dolma
Christian Don
William Donald
Samantha Donald
Craig Donarski
Andrew Donnellan
Melissa Donnelly
Peter Donnelly
Darren Doody
Yvonne Doosjen
Nathan Dorey
Lara Dormain
Alexander Dornan-Lund
Shaun Dorney
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Beverley Dower
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Kendal Drew
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Anni Dugdale
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Elizabeth Ebeling
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Chris Edmond
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Ryan Gallagher
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Nadia Gatton
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Oliver Gee
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Mick Gooda
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Olivia Greenwell
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Kathryn Greiner AO
Gabriella Gresz
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Pauline Grierson
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Damon Grimwood
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Rachel Guppy
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Bernardine Guy
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Marlene Hodder
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Helen Hodgetts
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Avery Howard
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Troy Hyne
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Natalie Imeson
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Liz Jacka
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Cassandra Louise Johnson
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Ronni Kahn
Skye Kakoschke-Moore
Michael Kallidis
Sara Kane
Vivienne Kane
Philippa Kane
Eos Kappadais
Michael Karadjis
Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM
Jacy Karmen
Anastasia Kasdaglis
Fiona Katauskas
Jasmine Kaul
Shellie Kavanagh
Anne Kavanagh
Paulette Kay
Valerie Kay
Ron Keamy
Kipling Kear
David Laurence Kearney
Patti Kearns
Claire Keating
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Yasmin Kellner
Erin Kelly
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Diana Kelly
Faye Kelly
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Sophie Kennedy
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Steven Kenyon
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Kylie Kerrigan
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Emma Kersey Kersey
Emma Kersey
Emma Kersey Kersey
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Paul Kidd Kidd
Olivia Killeen
Gemma Killen
Catherine Killey
Debbie Killian
Mia Kim
Jen Kimpton
Lydia Kindred
Paul King
Emma King
Vikki King
Terree King
Janina King
Elizabeth King
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Narelle Knobel
Jennifer Knop
Susan Knowles
Harry Knowles
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Nick Koop
Kathy Kordes
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Desirée Kozlowski
Desirée Kozlowski
Desirée Kozlowski
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Amanda Krause
Amanda Krause
Jeanette Kruger
Elizabeth Kruger
Elizabeth Kruger
Gai Kunstelj
Natalie Kwok
Christopher Kwong
Marissa Kyriakopoulos
Sally L
Julie La Barba
Gianni La Cava
Gail Ladds
Jeanette Lake
May Lam
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Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia
Roz Lambert
Jacqui Lambie
Jacki Lamont
Amy Landman
Samantha Landy
Linda Langdon
Jasmin Langford
Karrie Lannstrom
Eliza Larkin
Gerard Larkin
James Larkin
Emma Larsen
Winnie Lau
Ian Laurie
Ian Laurie
S Law
Ann Lawrence
Vian Lawson
Carol Layton
Tu Le
Samantha Lea
Tim Leach
Richard Leach
John Leaford
Gabrielle Leago
Ruth Leahy
Kate Leaney
Sylvie Leber
Yumi Lee
Claudine Lee
Susan Lee
Alf Lee
Debbie Lee
Penny Leemhuis
Denise Leffers
David Leikvold
Eithne Leita
Bindi Lenard
Rowena Lennox
Renee Leon
Deb Leonard
Caroline Leslie
Asha Leu
Tracey Leupen
Lee Lewicki
Meron Lewis
Dallas Lewis
Monique Lewis
Marcia Lewis
Sharon Lewis
Lyndall Ley
John Liddle
Stuart Lightman
Lesley Lima
Jillian Lindner
Daniel Lingard
Nerida Lithgow
Claerwen Little
Barry Little
Katie Livingstone
Cherie Livotto
Gareth Lloyd
Leah Lloyd-Smith
Rikki Loadsman
Berneice Loch
Joanne lock
Kathryn Locke
Pauline Logan
H Logan
Maureen Lohrey
Vanessa Lombardo
Jennifer London
Vicki Long
Helen Long
Helen Long
Fernando Longo
Dale Lopdell
Jeff Lormans
Michelle Lotarski
victoria Lourdaise Lourdaise
Audrey Loveday
Annette Lovell
Charles Lowe
Cameron Lum
David Lumley
Armin Lunsmann
Deborah Lupton
Brianna Luscombe
Robyn Lyall
Katherine Lyall-Watson
Leanne Lynam
Patricia Lynch
Mairead Lynch
Jessica Lynch
Margaret Lynn
Joshua Lyons
Suse Lyons
Douglas M McCurry
Rob Mac
Edwina MacDonald
Marian Macdonald
Jo MacDonald
Megan Macfarlane
Andrea Mack
G Mackay
Joseph Mackie
Jenny Macklin
Jo MacLean
Erica MacLeod
Stephen Macready
Luke Madden
Kath Madgwick
Sawsan Madina
Sarah Magarey Magarey
Sarah Magoffin
Annette Maguite
Sarah Mahoney
Patricia Mahony
Sandra Maison
John Maley
Rami Malko
Cecily Maller
Sheila Mallia
Melissa Malone
Emma Malone
Danielle Malone
Tony Maly
Rosemary Manchin
Lucy Manne
Sue Mansfield
Michael Manson
Philippa Mansor
Lillia Marcos
Joe Maric
Francis Markham
Ernest Markham
Linda Marks
Kelly Marks
Timothy Marks
Mathew Marques
Rebecca Marsh
Emily Marsh
Gary Marsh
Jeannie Marshall
Ben Marshall
Daryl Marshma
Wayne Marthick
Anne Martin
Stephanie Martin
Patrick Martin
Michael Martin
Maureen Martin
Maureen Martin
Tijana Martinez
Marie Masterson
Louise Matar
Affrica Matepi
Gayle Mather
Margsret Matters
Julia Matthews
Susan Matthews
Marie Mawson
Ian Maxwell
Marcelle Maxwell
Jeremy Maxwell
Nik May
kelly maybury
Jessica Mayers
Karly Maynard
Thomas Mayor
River Mazurkiewicz
Giuseppe Mazzarella
Don McArthur
Jackie McArthur
Agnes McArthur
Caroline McArthur
Donna McAuliffe
Deni McAvan
Tricia McCabe
Jill McCabe
Mary Therese McCabe
Lily McCallum
Elizabeth McCance
Brendan Mccarthy Mccarthy
Alison McClelland AM
Ann McConnell
Catherine McCorkindale
Julie McCrossin AM
Amanda McCue
Janny McCurry
Kristie McDonald
Jan McDonald
Rita McDonald
Dan McDonough
Angus McFarland
Philippa Mcgivern
DrHannah McGlade
Patrick McGorry
Haruko McGovern
Cathy McGowan
Kim McGrath
Andrea Mcguinness
Maria McInnes
Cathy McIntyre
Ken McKay
Elizabeth McKay
Kerrie-anne Mckay
Martine McKee
Sarah McKenzie
Margaret McKenzie
Andrea McKew
Lisa McLachlan
Dave mclean
Alex Mcleay
Rob McLeod
Travers McLeod
Janette McLeod
Viv McLoughlan
Genevieve McMahon
Sally McManus
Susan McMichael
Caitlin McMillan-Hawley
Paul McMullen
Peter McNamara
Francesca McNamara
Josephine McNeil
Robyn McNeil
Adrian McNeil
Andrew McNeill
Noel McPharlin
Hamish McPherson
Alexander McRae
Jennifer Mearney
keith mee
Rachel Mei
Storm Meiying Liu
Glenn Mellross
Philip Mendes
Lindsay Menelaws
george mercier
Nicholas Merry
Eliza Metcalfe
Susan Metcalfe
Jacqueline Metcalfe
Sandy Meyers
Kim Miles
Adele Miles
Jennifer Miles
Jennifer Miles
Shane Miles
Jake Milgrom-Marabel
Karen Millar
Glenn Millar
Tracy Millard
Jessica Miller
terry miller
Reezy Miller
Jennifer Miller
Paul Miller
Louise Miller-Frost
Brian Mills
Rachael Millsom
Stephen Milne
Linda Mina
Katalina Mindszenty
Rachel Ming
Rachel Ming
Rachel Ming
Helen Minns
Sarah Mintrom
Alicia Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell
Linda Mitchell
Carol Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell
Kathleen Mitchell
Geoffrey Mitchell
Michael Mitchener
Bill Mithen
molly moate
Mohamed Mohideen, OAM
Reece Moir
Claudia Molachino
Rafael Molina
mark molloy
Tom Molomby
Elizabeth Moloney
Dan Monceaux
Joseph Monitto
Evan Moody
Hayden Moon
Don Mooney
Colin Moore
Gary Moore
Anne Moore Moore
Vivienne Moore
David Moore
Ross Moraes
Sharyn Moran
Ed Moran
Rebecca Moran
David Moran
David Morawetz
Mark Mordue
Scott Moreton-smith
Mark Morey
Lyn Morgain
Rikki Morgan
Frances Julie Morley
Adrian Morrell
Catherine Morris
Nathan Morris
Peter Morris
Tasman Morrison
Vicky Morrison
Sky Morrow
kerri moss
Kristy mounsey
Michael Mourin
Chantal Mousad
Sanushka Mudaliar
Rajesh Mukherjee
Susan Mulhall
Robyn Muller
Juanita Muller
Lyn Muller
Jessica Munday
Patrick Munn
Janet Munro
clyde munro
Melissa Murano
Kirsty Murdock
James Murphy
Geoffrey Murphy
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy
Glenice Murphy
Geoffrey Murphy
Russel Murphy
Dawn Murphy
Mark Murphy
Lee Murray
Fran Murrell
Helen Murti
Connie Musolino
Vanessa Musolino
Anna-Maria Musumeci
Mary Mutlow
Annneke Myers
Dan Nahum
Harkiran Narulla
Chris Nash
Greg Natt
Angela Needham
Anneke Nehring
Nathan Nehua-Casso
Karen Neill
Phillip Nelson
Alison Nethery
Ram Neupane
Peta Newbound
Len Newman
Kris Newton
Matthew Newton
Ann-Vu Ngo
Katy Nicholls
Sheina Nicholls
Jennifer Nicholls
Dylan Nichols
Louise Nichols
Tony Nicholson
Michelle Nicholson
Jo Nicol
Julie Nicol
Cherie Nielsen
Kate Ninnes
Brett Nisbet
Peter Nisbet
Peter Nisbet
Marilyn Nixon
Edward Nixon
Louise Nixon
Nicola Noakes
Sandra Noble
June Noblet
Tracey Nolan
Harrison Nolan-Holmes
Harley Nolder
George Nonas
Jennifer Norberry
Sherry Norcott
Melinda Norman-Hicks
Christine Norris
Raven North
Michelle Norton
Greg Norton-Baker
Carolyn Nulty
Mary Nuttall
Philip O’Neill
Ann O’Brien
Catherine O’CONNOR
Lynda O’Hanlon
Kate O’Neill
Justine O’Sullivan
Jane Oakley-Lohm
Eileen O’Brien
Susanne O’brien
Colleen O’Brien
Toby o’Connor
Jo O’Conor
Keith Oehme
Gregory O’Flaherty
Leanne Ogilvie
Dermot O’Gorman
Anne O’Grady
Gerard Oldman
Paulo Oliveira
Belinda Oliver
Joy Olsen
Gregory Olsen
Catherine Olsson
Laurence O’Mara
Michele O’Neil
Angeline O’Neill
patrick o’rourke
Kelly O’Shanassy
Brendan O’Shea
Adrian oter
Simon Ottaway
Simon Ottaway
Simon Ottaway
Jaqueline Outram
Helen Owens
Frankie P
Bryce Pace
Joshua Page
Shellie Page
Fiona Paige
Carey Painter
Paul Palmer
Maria Panagiotidis
Liana Papoutsis
tony paps
Daniel Park
Jim Parker
Anne Parker
MJ Parker
Yvonne Parker
Sue Parker
Peter Parkinson
Cassandra Parkinson
Alistair Parr
David Parrish
Tessa Parsons
Mary Parsons
Lise Partridge
Heather Pate
Liane Patterson
James Patterson
Leo Patterson Ross
Siobhan Paxton
sam payet
Simon Payne
Alicia Payne
Matthew Peacock
Mark Pearce
Tyrone Pearce
Fiona Pearman
Fiona Pearman
Jan Pearse
Roz Pearson
Slobodan Pechanats
Lesley Pedersen
Nilima Pelz
Jim Pembroke
Kathryn Pentecost
Angie Perkins
Karen Perkins
Elisabeth Perraud
Astrid Perry-Indermaur
Camille Peters
William Peters
Mary Peters
Fiona Peters
Stuart Peterson
Karen Peterson
Peter Peterson
Dina Petrakis
Anthony Petropiccolo
Judy Pettetsson
Tuong-Vi Pham
Kim Pham
Lorraine Phelan
Emily Phillips
Ben Phillips
Tina Phillips
Amanda Picard-Jajuga
Lynn Pieper
Mia Pike
Roman Pikusa-Bishop
Florentinus Pirimapun
Damien Piro
Adrian Pisarski
Dave Pitman
Antoinette Pitt
Wade Piva
Kayleen Plate
Belinda Plotkin
Barbara Pocock
David Pocock
Kirsten Pocock
Nigel Poke
AR Polack
Nicole Pollitt
Riley Porombka
Toni Porter
Corrine Porter
Helen Post
Elenie Poulos
Athanasios Poulos
Chris Povey
Brad Powe
Beverley Powell
Trevor Powell
Sonia Powell
Paul Power
Emma Power
Faith Powers
Joanne Preece
Felicity Prentice
Jenna Price
Matthew Price
Jon Price
David Price
Andrew Priest
Chantelle Prince
Christopher Prince
Sue Prior
Susan Prior
Christine and Colin Pritchard
Stephen Prohm
Isabel Prone
Fred pryce
Narelle Pulford
Emma Pullen
Cassandra Purdon
Natalie Pursell
Victoria Quade
Julia Quantock
Cleonie Quayle
Joanna Quilty
Di Quin-Conroy
Anne Quinlivan
Elizabeth Quinn
David Quinn
Jennetta Quinn-Bates
Jodie Quinnell Quinnell
Phillip Quirk
Melodie Radatti
Yvonne Radinovic
Oliver Raeburn
Helen Rainger
Gaby Ramia
Robert Ramsden
Tracey Rand
DrHarry Randhawa
Dr Harry Randhawa
Barbara Rankmore
Jyothsna Rao
Michael Raper
Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen
Marilyn Raven
Wendy Rawson
Eileen Ray
John Raymond
Moira Rayner
David Rea
Coal Reay
Amanda Reddell
Janine Rees
Patricia Reeves
Jill Reichstein OAM
Jenny Reid
Caitlin Reiger
Rhonda Reilly
Tania Renda
Valerie Rendle
Claire Renehan
Kathleen Reynolds
Peter Reynolds
eleanor rhines
Janet Rice
Bethany Richards
Chris Richardson
Kay Richardson
Christine Richardson
Leanne Richardson
Linda Richardson
Judith Riddell
Jay Ridley
Brendan Rigby
Raff Righetti
Alexandra Riley
Karen Rinke
Catherine Rischbieth
Euan Ritchie
Kay Ritson
Jai Ritter
Kim Roach
Sally-Anne Robbins
Leanne Roberts
Marea Roberts
Paul Roberts
Sheridan Roberts
Fionna Roberts
Kim Robinson
Sandra Robinson
Kathleen Robinson
Gertrude Robinson
Fiona Robson
Brian Roche
Will Roden
Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey
Diann Rodgers-Healey
Carolynne Roetman
Lucille Rogers
Tenille Rogers
Russell Rollason
James Rooney
Carol Rose
Yolanda Rosenich
Stewart Ross
Glenda Ross
Matthew Ross
Kay Ross
Sandra Rotheraine
Violet Roumeliotis
MrC Roussell
Tharini Apolline Rouwette
Mel Rowe
Shirley Rowe
Hilary Royes
Lilah RPG
Tom Rubin
Gillian Rubinstein
Virginia Ruchel
Richard Ruiz
Marieanne Rusakow-Wright
Tiana Russell
Sharon Russell
Lucy Russell
William Anthony Rutkin OAM
Michael Ruyg
Monique Ryan
Simone Ryan
Terry Ryan
Maree Ryan
Annie Ryan
Jan Ryan
Marg Ryan
Luke Rycken
Robyn Rylands
Leisa Sadler
Ana Sala
Kim Salisbury
Kylie Salisbury
Kylie Salisbury
Adel Salman
Alex Salmon
Deb Salter
Kim Sami
Alexandra Samootin
Bertie Sanday
Peggy Sanders
Judith Sanderson
Natalie Sangalli
Michelle Sanson
Marie-Louise Sarjeant
Christopher Sarjeant
Jodie Saunders
Peter Savage Savage
Lorna Saxbee
Alison Sayer-Jones
Margaret Scarman
Amanda Sceney
Eugene Scheepers
John Schellens
Marcus Schild
Paula Schilz
Diane Schirripa
paul schlesinger
Sonja Schlusche
Margaret Schofield
Bronte Schofield
Bradley Scott
Marguerite Scott
Rhonda Scoullar
Paige Scowcroft
James Scurrah
Mary Scurrah
Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt
Elke Seaborn
Denise Secomb
Stephen Secomb
Gregory Seen
Marie Segrave
Antonella Segre
Amanda Sellars
Shelley Sellors
Jethro Sercombe
Peta Severn
Edward Seymour
Lizzy Seymour
Margaret Shakeshaft RSM
Audrey Shamier
Linda Shapcott
Eleanor Sharman
Deborah Sharp
Carey Shaw
John Shaw
Ahmad Shboul
Richard Shearman
Marie Sheedy
Tony Sheils
Simon Sheldon
Jean Shelley
Cindy Sheridan
Danny Sherry
Eugene Sherwood
Christine Shirley
David Shoebridge
Mark Short
Damien Shortal
shannon shuttleworth
John Shuttleworth
John Shuttleworth
John Sidebottom
Jeremy Silver
Paul Simkin
Jim Simmonds
Georgina Simmonds
Andrea Simmons
Pauline Simmons
Kate Simpson
Craig Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair
Peter Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair
Daniel Singleton
Ric Sissons
Tish Sivagnanan
Luke Skinner
Timothy Skinner
Monica Skinner
Luke Skinner
Lisa Skola
Terry Slevin
Nicky Sloan
Emma Smadbeck
Lisa Smajlov
Andrew Small
Rose Smart
Adel Smee
Melita Smilovic
John Smith
Debra Smith
Angela Smith
Carollyn Smith
Ann Smith
Michael Smith
Graham Smith
Miranda Smith
Meaghan Smith
Malcolm Smith
Brent Smith
Carol Smith
Cam Smith
Sari Smith
Diane Smith-Gander
Diane Smith-Gander AO
Tig Smulii
Jeffrey So
Gaele Sobott
Sonia Sofat
Onda Solaja
Alessandra Soliven
Edward Dorh Solo Sr
Annabelle Solomon
Deanna Sonter
Mindy Sotiri
Nada Spasojevic
Bianca Spence
Stuart Spence
Patricia Spencer
John Spoehr
Sandi Spozetta
David Spriggs
Kim Stacey
Rani Stainton
fiona stanley
Meredith Stanton
Daniel Stapley
Robin Steel
Jordon Steele-John
Zali Steggall
Heen Stein
Dianne Stevens
Tim Stevens
Ashlie Stevenson
Miranda Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart
Julie Stewart
Jarrah StinchcombeWighton
Caitlyn Stocker
Rosemary Storey
Charlie Stott
Megan Stout
Lauren Stracey
Brian Stradbrook
Peri Strathearn
Kathy Strickland
James Strider
Jennifer STRONG
David Stuart
Tom Studans
Christine Sturgess
Imogen Sturni
ian sturup
Sundaram Subramaniam
Paul Sullivan
Sean Sullivan
Laura Summerfield
Ray Sutherland
Helen Sutherland
Kath Sutherland
Kaz Sutherland
Peter Sutton
Anna Sutton
Marion Swain
Helen Swain
Lisa Sweeney
Terry Sykes
Mary Symes
Jonathan Symons
Julianna Szalay
Dominic Szeker
Helen Szoke
Frances Tafra
John Tallon
Heidi Tanner
Jean Tarratt
John Taylor
Jo Taylor
Jo Taylor
Sue Taylor
Laura Taylor
Merilyn Taylor
Pauliine Teale
Elizabeth Tearii
Nick Tebbey
Helena Teede
Maree Teesson AC
Sophie Temby
Janice Tendys
Janice Tendys
Peta Terry
John The
Irene Thede
Frances Thiele
Pakapat Thipayaprapai
Gerard Thomas
Susan Thomas
Lynette Thomas
Kathryn Thomson
Sharon Thornton
Lidia Thorpe
Margaret Thravex
Susan Thrift
John Thwaites
Robert Tickner AO
Josephine Tilley
Joseph Timmins
Susan Timms
Sharon Tindale
Mark Tindall
Kylea Tink
Mary Tinney
Lisa Tippett
Leonie Tiss
Catherina Toh
Karen Tomlinson
Joanne Toohey
Pam Topham
Anne Tormey
Murray Torney
Felicity Townsend
Natacha Tracy
Jennifer Tranter
Su Trebilcock
Carla Treloar
Ros Treloar
Jason Trethowan
Vicki Trevanion
Ray Trevisan
My Trinh
Zhanna Trofimova
Kylie Trudgett
Barry Trudgett
Alex Trudzik
Ruth Trueman
Chelsea Tunnicliffe
Sarah Turbyne
Damon Turnbull
Patricia Turner
Paul Turner
Veronica Turner
Susan Turner
Elizabeth Turner
Stephen Turner
Pamela Twiss
Barrie Tyson
Kristy Uijen
Garry Undy
Kerry Unsworth
Clare Urquhart
Michele Usher
Shannon Valantine
Marcus Valentini
David Valentino
Mattis Van der Reijden
Bettina van der Werf
Bettina van der Werf
Stacy van Druten
Noeleen Van Duin
Robyn van Konkelenberg
Sarah Van Noort
Karen van Woudenberg
Anita van Zwieten
Sophie Vanzetti
Hugh Vaughan
Campbell Vearing
David Velasquez
Rebecca Vercoe
rudolf vergunst
Deborah Versari
Jodi Vial
James Vicars
David Viney
Crina Virgona
Stuart Visser
Hang Vo
Lizzy Vogt
Alison Von der Borch
Jules Vovos
Meaghan W
Jim Wackett
Elfriede Wagner
Leica Wagner
Carol Wagner
Jalquin Waidelich
Liz Wake
George Wakelin
Stephanie Wales
Jasmine Walker
Cam Walker
Margaret Walker
Chris Walker
Sara Walker
Margaret Walker
Cherie Walker
Tonia Walker
Karen walker
Peter Wall
Katherine Wall
Karen Wallace
Debra Wallace
Bastien Wallace
Darren Waller
Rob Walls
Colin Walpole
Colin Walpole
Colin Walpole
Louisa Walsh
Kristy Walters
Evan Walton
John Wanneck
Kylie Ward
Diana Ward
David Ward
Margaret Wardrop
Margot Waring
Anne-Maree Warman
Bevan Warner
Shaun Warnock
Deborah Warnock
Anthony Warren
Stephanie Waters
Larissa Waters
Kerri Watkins
Sally Watson
Wendy Watson
Peter Watson
Amanda Watson
Kerry Watson
Rachael Watson
Joy Watson
Geoffrey Watson
Elizabeth Watson Brown
rob watt
Bernadette Wauchope
Patricia Waugh
Prudence Wawn
Bryn Weatherill
Barbara Webb
Gillian Weeks
Alison WEEKS
Alicia Weiderman
jennifer weinstein
Prema Weir
Sandra Wells
Ollie Welsh
Anna Welten
Kerry Weste
Lucian Weyland
Patrick Weyland-Smith
Eric Whalley
Vicki Whateley
Marcus Whelan
Kate Wheller
Anita White
Garda White
Rebbecca White
Graham White
Valerie White
Sara White
Alex White
Theodore White
Valerie White
Peter Whiteford
Narelle Whiteley
Leah Whitnell
Andy Wiechnik
Stephen Wigney
Diana Wilde
Loretta Wilde
Janneia Wilde
Izekiel Wilhelm
Peter Wilkie
Fiona Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkiw
Peter Williams
Blair Williams
Ksthy Williams
Morag Williams
Miriam Williams
Claire Williams
Ron Williams
Jennifer Williams
Michael Williams
Emily Williams
Tanya Williams
Irisa Williams
Suzanne Williamson
Scott Williamson
Gillian Williamson
Caroline Willingale
Lee Wilmott
Nicola Wilson
Catherine Wilson
Ingrid Wilson
Nicola Wilson
Nicola Wilson
amanda wimetal
Michael Windsor
Sam Winter
Claire Winters
Jill Wiseman
Jasmin Witham
Marly Withey
Judy Witney
Paul Wittwer
Darron Wolf
Tammy Wolffs
Walter Wolffs
Bodie Wolters
Ross Womersley
Adrian Wong
loong wong
jordan wood
Janine Wood
Danielle Wood
Robyn Wood
Emma Wood
Deanne Wooden
Kim Woods
Sandra Woods
Anne Woods
Ryan Woolcott
Tony Woolmer
Peta Wootton
George Worden
James Wragg
Toni Wren
Kelly Wright
Julie Wujek
Bree Wyeth
Rose Wynne
Diana Yallop
Jaime Yallup Farrant
Ben Yates
Dean Yates
Chris Yates
Karyn Yates
Joshuah Yeend
Fiona York
Nareen Young
Tim Young
Elizabeth Young
Tracey Young
Barbara Young
Sebastian Zagarella
Paul Zahra
Shaolee Zaman
Madeleine Zanin
YiZhong Zhuang
Anna Ziersch