More than 80,000 people hurt by Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill

On the day after Newstart Allowance increased by just 50 cents, the Senate passed legislation that will make life even tougher for people living below the poverty line. The poorly named Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill went through the senate this morning with few amendments, and is anticipated to go through the House next week. Read more

ACOSS calls on crossbench to reject Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill

With new Senators just arriving to sit on the crossbench, the Federal Government is again attempting to push through its widely rejected Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill, that will cut more people off income support and increase homelessness and destitution in our community. Read more

The tax cut war and why everyone must pay for essential services, including wealthy shareholders

Labor’s policy on tax refunds for shareholders released on 13 March 2018 is a stark reminder that policies addressing the huge gaps in Australia’s revenue base are necessary.
Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO of ACOSS, says that governments’ continued provision of essential health, aged care, NDIS and other services is shaky as long as large gaps in Australia’s revenue base remain. Read more

sdg 2018

Lift the incomes of the lowest 40 per cent to meet our international commitments

As a key advocate of meeting Australia’s commitment to reducing poverty and inequality in Australia by 2030, ACOSS is co-hosting the second Australian Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) summit in Melbourne on Tuesday 13 March 2018. Read more

The drug testing bill must be opposed

This government’s proposed drug testing policy represents an alarming departure from the key aim of our social security system, which is to provide a safety net for people in need. This bill targets people on unemployment payments who are looking for work. There is no evidence that drug testing works. Read our briefing note. 

Disability Support Pension cuts bad news for people affected

Reports about lower spending on the Disability Support Pension (DSP) hide the increasing number of people on unemployment payments who have a limited capacity to work. These people have little hope of finding full time work, not least because there is only one job available for every eight applicants. Read more

Tax cuts a mistake while service funding shortfalls remain, and unemployment payment too low

ACOSS has cautioned the Federal Budget must continue to strengthen public revenue to secure vital community services and supports into the future, rather than squander billions on unjustified tax cuts. CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie said, “It would be a big mistake for this government to press ahead with personal and corporate tax cuts when we’re facing major funding shortfalls in vital areas such as the NDIS, health, needs-based schools funding, and action to reduce poverty.” Read more

UNSW and ACOSS to tackle poverty and inequality through new collaboration

UNSW Sydney and the Australian Council of Social Service will work to tackle poverty and equality head on through a new collaboration to be launched on Thursday 8 February 2018. The collaboration includes backing from UNSW, various ACOSS member organisations, and philanthropists to the value of $2 million dollars over 5 years. Read more

Welfare Reform Bill must be opposed

We have produced a briefing note on the Welfare Reform Bill which is currently before the Senate. If passed, this bill will really hurt people already struggling to afford basic items in Australia.

Five social security bills before Parliament that should be opposed

There are a number of Social Services bills currently before the Parliament,. We have produced a briefing note providing an overview of each bill, and the reasons why they should all be rejected.

We’ll all pay for company tax cuts

Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO of ACOSS says “Any economic gains from cutting company taxes are decades away, while the cost of the cuts will be felt immediately, from $1.8 billion in 2019 rising to $14 billion in 2026.  “Treasury projects that extra investment from the company tax cuts would increase household spending power by less than 0.7% in 20 years’ time, $150 per person according to recent estimates, and many have questioned whether that extra investment would happen at all. Right now the federal budget is in deficit, and we can’t be confident it will move back into surplus in the next few years. Those predictions have been wrong before…” Read more

ACOSS submission on the National Energy Guarantee

This submission makes eighteen recommendations to the Energy Security Board, including calling for an independent review to address energy affordability. Read more

ACOSS submission to the Minimum Wage Review

This submission outlines ACOSS’ recommendations on the minimum wage review process. It recommends that  Fair Work Australia increase real minimum wages substantially so as to reduce the gap between minimum wages and median pay levels. Read more

Homelessness up as housing costs rise and incomes decline

An increase in homelessness in Australia is unfortunately of little surprise when so little has been done to address housing affordability and inadequate incomes. Census data released today shows an increase in homelessness in Australia. With homelessness increasing, the government must address the conditions increasing poverty and inequality in Australia. Read more

Foreign Donations bill goes too far

If passed, ACOSS believes this bill will have a chilling effect on the voices of charities and not-for-profits, and negatively impact  the fabric of our democracy.
Read our briefing note
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Cashless Debit Card should not be extended

Check out our new fact sheet on the cashless debit card trials, and why they should not be extended. 

New incubator of social movements

Australian Progress and the Australian Council for Social Service (ACOSS) are launching Progress Labs, a new accelerator program designed to support leaders and social movements that engage Australians in positive action. Read more

ACOSS is pleased to welcome the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as a new National Member. With our members we share a vision for a fair, inclusive and sustainable Australia. Want to join us? 

Cassandra Goldie, ACOSS, with Gary Oliver, CEO of National Congress of Australia's First Peoples

Restore community service funding levels and end harsh policies

ACOSS chief executive officer Cassandra Goldie has urged an end to the harsh policies that are hurting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This includes income management and the community development program. More. Read recommendations in our pre-budget submission

ACOSS welcomes opposition to national roll-out of cashless debit card

Contrary to extensive expert advice, the Federal Government is pushing ahead with its legislation to allow mandatory cashless debit to be extended to anywhere in Australia. ACOSS welcomes opposition from the Greens, Labor and the Nick Xenophon Team to this Bill. Read more