Voice legislation builds momentum for Yes vote

ACOSS warmly congratulates all those involved in securing passage of the historic legislation to establish the referendum on the Voice to Parliament as part of a commitment to the Uluṟu Statement from the Heart. 

ACOSS acknowledges the extraordinary leadership of First Nations peoples and communities who continue to build momentum for a successful referendum.

ACOSS is a founding member of the Allies for Uluru and has been a strong supporter of Voice, Treaty, and Truth since the delivery of the Uluru Statement in 2017.  

Dr Cassandra Goldie, ACOSS CEO said the passage of the bill through the Senate will allow the campaign to gather speed and calls on the community to join First Nations groups in working towards a successful ‘yes’ vote.

“Today’s vote is a historic step towards recognising and valuing the knowledge, expertise, and culture of First Nations people.   

“ACOSS strongly believes that governments make better policies when they listen to the people that will be impacted by them. But for too long, First Nations voices have been ignored by governments.

“The Voice to Parliament will give First Nations people a constitutionally-protected opportunity to be heard and is a common sense way to secure policies that improve health outcomes, and reduce poverty and disadvantage.

“ACOSS is committed to working with the community sector to support the Yes campaign to build momentum for a successful referendum.

“We encourage everyone to accept the generous invitation of the Uluru Statement and get involved in the movement towards a better future.”