Strong fuel efficiency standards good for people and planet

ACOSS welcomes the Australian Government’s proposals released today for strong fuel efficiency standards on new vehicles and calls for complementary measures to help people on low incomes access more fuel-efficient cars.

“Strong fuel efficiency standards for new cars are critical to reduce emissions causing climate change, reduce people’s transport costs, and improve health,” said Kellie Caught, ACOSS Program Director of Climate and Energy.

“Australia will finally catch up to overseas countries and no longer be the dumping ground for high polluting, gas guzzling, expensive cars.

“While strong fuel efficiency standards will result in more options and bring cheaper, more efficient cars to Australia’s market, people on low incomes – who primarily buy second hand cars – will need targeted support to ensure they are not last to benefit.

“People on low incomes are often reliant on cars to access jobs, health appointments and buy food – but struggle to afford rising fuel costs, let alone buy a more efficient vehicle.

“ACOSS urges the Government to replace the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) incentive with more equitable mechanisms to support access to electric vehicles and low-emissions cars.”