End Child Poverty Starting with Newstart

1 January 2014 marks twelve-months since thousands of single parent families were forced onto Newstart and into severe hardship – it’s also the launch of the 10 stories website.: http://www.10storiesofsinglemothers.org.au/

The website features 10 courageous mothers who candidly speak about the reality of Newstart; its cruel impacts, the humiliation, and why change is desperately needed. It gives voice to the silent but staggering increase of child poverty within single parent families.

Listen to the stories of 10 single mothers speak about the harsh reality of struggling on Newstart and the cruel impact of poverty on their children: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHpa8KQ9-G8

Terese Edwards, CEO National Council of Single Mothers & their Children said, “the 10 women represent the plight of thousands of Australian families, the victims of this cruel and harsh policy. Newstart was never meant for families and it occurs when the youngest child turns eight”.

The ongoing campaign to end child poverty starting with Newstart has shone a light on the inadequacy of Newstart. Newstart is not a new start for families.

  • It’s so low that families can’t afford the essentials, like putting food on the table, and keeping a roof over their family’s head. 
  • It punishes a parent in employment with reported losses of up to $160 per week
  • It has forced women to stop studying, and the chance for a secure job.

The heartache grows when parents can no longer protect their children from poverty. The sadness of not being able to play sport, not having a friend over for tea, or forced to give up the family pet is the new norm. Christmas and school holidays are particularly fierce as children are reminded that they are poor and the ones that are missing out. The 10 Story website calls for:

  1. Immediately increase Newstart by $50 per week
  2. Make paid work a family’s financial gain. Increase the allowable earnings to the equivalent of the parenting payment single.
  3. Index Newstart and payments to wage movement to stop it from falling further behind.
  4. Commit to a national strategy to end child poverty in Australia

Read the facts and take action.

10 stories is a national collaboration, made possible by the Sydney Community Foundation’s Sydney Women`s Fund, Snow Foundation and Filmstretch. Join us from 1st Jan 2014.


Media: Terese Edwards 0439211493

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