Climate Change Act is an important step forward

ACOSS welcomes the Climate Change Act as a good basis to address the climate change crisis and we stand ready to work with Government on measures to quickly exceed the 43% target and ensure people on low incomes benefit from the transition.

ACOSS Deputy CEO, Jacqueline Phillips said:

“ACOSS congratulates the Government on moving quickly to legislate emission reduction targets and for working with the Greens and Independents on amendments to strengthen the bill.

“We also welcome the Government’s intention to beat the legislated 43% target. Australia must accelerate the transition to clean energy and economy this decade, 2050 is too late.

“Every degree, every minute matters to the lives of people being impacted by worsening extreme weather, especially people on low incomes who are impacted first, worst and longest.

“The Government must now develop a plan to accelerate emission reductions and ensure that people on lower incomes can access more energy efficient homes and clean technologies like rooftop solar, batteries, and electric vehicles and are not disadvantaged by poorly targeted subsidies, levies and inequitable cost recovery measures.

“We are already seeing how poorly targeted and inequitable policies to reduce emissions are largely benefiting people with wealth, choice and control. This is contributing to inequality.

“If we get the policy settings right, we can accelerate climate change action and improve the lives of people with the least resources, from the cities to the outback.”