ACOSS congratulates the Albanese Government and the Greens on agreement for electrification of low-income housing

ACOSS welcomes the agreement reached between the Federal Government and the Greens to a package in next year’s budget that will help electrify the homes of people on low incomes. This agreement is on top of the Government’s plan to cap gas and coal price and provide energy credits to people on low incomes included in the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Gas Prices) Bill 2022.

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie said

“This agreement between the Albanese Government and the Greens for the electrification of low-income housing is an important addition to the package of measures already proposed. The agreement will help people on low incomes move away from using gas for their heating, including hot water and cooking and deliver longer-term savings.

“Gas appliances are not only inefficient to run compared to electric appliances, but it means people pay for two network costs. It makes no financial sense.

“We are encouraged the Government intend to roll this commitment into their National Performance Strategy and look at other measures that will help people on low-incomes improve the energy performance of their homes, reduce their energy bills and improve health outcomes.

“The energy efficiency of housing in Australia is so poor that people on low-incomes, especially those who rent, are getting sick or dying because they can’t reduce their energy use or install retrofits to keep their home warm in winter or cool in summer.

“Government investment to retrofit low-income housing to be more efficient, electric and produce renewable energy is the only way we will make these urgent upgrades.

“Such an investment would create profound and ongoing benefits for millions of people, while simultaneously saving lives, reducing poverty, and tackling the climate crisis.

“We look forward to working with the Government on design and delivery.”