Tokenism in aged care won’t cut it – drop high end tax cuts to fund decent services

1 February 2022

It beggars belief that the Government (in Minister Hume’s statement today) claims decent pay in aged care is “unaffordable” when they plan to give away $16B a year in high end tax cuts.

Aged care workers on $40,000 get token one off  $400 payments ; people on $400,000 get permanent tax cuts worth $180 a week. In what universe is that a prudent and fair use of public funds?

The Royal Commission recommended billions more funding than the government has so far delivered. Yet it plans to give away $16B a year to people who don’t need it.

Government commitments to “guarantee” essential services are worthless without the revenue to pay for them.

ACOSS is calling on the major parties to guarantee essential services and safety nets by strengthening public revenue . Dropping those wasteful and unaffordable tax cuts is the first step.