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ACOSS and our community share a vision for a fair, just, diverse and sustainable Australia.

In a just and fair society we all win. We increase opportunity. We foster innovation. We amplify participation and connection. We unlock the potential of all members of our community. We celebrate our diversity whilst advancing the common good. We all prosper.

For many decades ACOSS has advocated strongly for policy reform that will protect basic rights, provide everyone with real opportunity, and create a society that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

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ACOSS Values

  • We believe that no one should have to live in poverty and that all people should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We are committed to the full realisation of human rights.
  • We value diversity and work inclusively.
  • We support self-determination for Australia’s First Peoples.
  • We want a sustainable future for all.

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A fortnightly publication which includes crucial work from the community sector, important ACOSS member news, key resources and events, as well as profiling individuals working in the sector, including on the frontline – a hub for information, engagement and networking.

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A fortnightly mailing with updates and information about ACOSS events (including the ACOSS Post Budget Breakfast, and the ACOSS National Conference), key reports & submissions, and details surrounding upcoming ACOSS member network meetings.

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Receive information about the latest ACOSS/UNSW partnership research on poverty and inequality and notification of upcoming events. Find out more about this research at our ACOSS Poverty & Inequality website.

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