Lifting income support so everyone can cover the basics

Everyone should be able to keep a roof over their head and cover their basic expenses. But right now, the punishingly low rate of income support is forcing people to make heartbreaking decisions between paying their rent or buying food and medicine.

If we’re going to create a more equal and resilient community, we need to start by ensuring that people unable to get paid work have enough to cover the basics. That’s why we’re asking all parties and candidates to commit to lifting income support so everyone can cover the basics, by increasing the rate of Jobseeker and other income support payments to at least $70 a day.

Our key asks 

  • Establish a minimum income floor in our income support system by lifting all base rates of payment to at least $70 a day (the same level as the pension and pension supplement) and indexing them to wages as well as prices.
  • Ensure supplementary payments meet specific needs, including lifting Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 50%, providing a Disability and Illness Supplement of at least $50 a week as well as a Single Parent Supplement that recognises the costs of single parenthood.
  • Abolish mandatory cashless debit and income management and put in place an independent Social Security Commission to advise the Parliament on income support payment settings ongoing.


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