Community Sector Funding Cuts

Act now to restore $1 billion in Government funding cuts to community services!

How can you help?

Contact your local MP or Senator. Tell them how these cuts are impacting on your community, and urge them to restore funding and work with the community sector to support those most in need.


  1. A template letter to MPs.
  2. A Briefing Paper that you can distribute to explain these cuts and their impacts to MPs and local media.
  3. A set of instructions to help you adapt this letter with your organisation’s logo and update it with information about the impact of these cuts in your community.

Help our sector work with communities to best meet their needs.

Since 2013, the Federal Government has announced up to $1b in savings measures that are cutting community services for the people in greatest need in Australia:

  • $500 million over five years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community services (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet under The Hon Tony Abbott and Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion)
  • $270 million over four years from social services and a freeze on indexation of sector funding (Department of Social Services under The Hon Scott Morrison)
  • $15 million from the community legal sector, which remains in place for sector support and capacity, including legal aid, community legal centres, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services, and women’s family violence legal and prevention services (Attorney General’s Department under Senator the Hon George Brandis)
  • Foreshadowed cuts of $197 million over three years from health (Department of Health under The Hon Sussan Ley)

The impact of these cuts is already being felt right across the country: by those on the lowest incomes, people experiencing financial crisis or family breakdown, children at risk, vulnerable young people, new mothers and babies, people facing eviction and homelessness, carers in need of respite, those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, and those with mental health issues or other serious health concerns in the community. The reduction of support or complete defunding of policy advice and advocacy work in the areas of housing, homelessness, disability, support for frontline financial counselling services and for community legal services has simultaneously reduced the opportunity for local communities to be involved in the decisions made about them by policy-makers and governments.

ACOSS has developed $billions of savings and revenue proposals to help the Federal Government manage its Budget. But we cannot support decisions that hurt the people in our communities who need the most support.

It is not to late to reverse these cuts! On Thursday 25 March the Attorney-General made the welcome announcement that cuts to legal services would be reversed. This is the first step; we need to support the Government in the next and equally important steps to reverse the rest of these cuts.

We are just over one year into cuts that will continue right through to 2018.

Contact your local MP or Senator, tell them how these cuts are impacting on your community, and urge them to restore funding and work with the community sector to support those most in need.

The next Federal Budget will be released 12 May. Contact your MP today to show your support for the Government to make the right Budget decisions this year.

Stay in touch! This webpage will be updated with related link to media and other action communities are taking to reverse these devastating cuts.

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