Fair, Fast and Inclusive Climate Change Action

Join ACOSS in advocating for action on climate change underpinned by a just and fair plan, for a safer, more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. 


Climate change is increasing extreme weather events like bushfires, drought, floods, storms, and heatwaves. 

It is not only a threat to our environment, it threatens people’s homes, livelihoods, health, quality of life, employment and increases risks and burdens for future generations.

People experiencing financial or social disadvantage are at most risk because they have fewer resources  to cope, adapt and recover.

Climate change impacts and a slow, poorly managed transition to zero emissions are a major threat to ending poverty and inequality, and our sector’s ability to support our communities.

Together we can turn this around! By advocating for rapid emissions reductions to limit the dangerous impacts of climate change and for Just and fair climate action to benefit the communities we work with.

ACOSS is committed to supporting and building the capacity of the community sector to engage and advocate on climate change and social justice to achieve better outcomes for our communities. As well as reduce our own emissions where we can.

Community Sector Climate Change Declaration

Over 100 community organisations have united signing the Community Sector Climate Change Declaration to call on the Australian federal government to commit to stronger targets and fair and inclusive policies to cut climate pollution this decade. If you’re a community organisation, sign the Declaration to show your support for fair and fast climate action.

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Community Sector Climate Change Resources

Tune into our Climate Campaign Webinar to hear from community sector leaders and experts in climate science and climate justice about what climate change is and why it matters to the communities we work with.

ACOSS Climate Campaign Webinar

Explore our resource modules on climate change and social justice

Module 1: How to talk about climate change in the community sector

This collection of presentations and resources from climate scientists, communications experts and community sector representatives will give your community organisation tools to talk about climate science, climate impacts and the connections between climate change and social justice.


Module 2: Capturing Climate Change Impacts

This collection of resources and case studies will give you tools to capture how climate change is impacting your community organisation and the communities you work with.


Module 3: Engaging with Climate Change

This collection of resources will help your community organisations build its climate change engagement plan, including understanding how climate change links to your organizational priorities, what policies can help address it and how you can help be part of the movement for change.


Module 4: Decarbonizing your community organisation

This collection of stories and resources from community organisations who have decarbonized their operations will help your organisation understand how decarbonization can help you future proof your organisation and better serve the communities you work with.