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Sharp jump in wealth inequality over last 20 years

The gap between those with the most and those with the least has blown out over the past two decades, with the average wealth of the highest 20% growing at four times the rate of the lowest, new research by ACOSS and UNSW Sydney shows.

White Paper lays good foundations for full employment, clear goals and targets are the missing planks

ACOSS welcomes the aspiration of decent jobs for all in the federal government’s Employment White Paper released today, and calls for clear goals and targets to reduce unemployment and poverty to make those aspirations real.
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Increase to social security payments grossly inadequate

The new rate of social security payments such as JobSeeker remain grossly inadequate and will leave people unable to meet basic living costs, ACOSS says.

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ACOSS welcomes breakthrough on HAFF legislation

ACOSS welcomes the agreement between Labor and the Greens to pass the Housing Australia Future Fund through the Senate.

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Clean energy drive must focus on disadvantaged communities

ACOSS is urging the federal government to ensure that people on low incomes and disadvantaged communities are at the front and centre of Australia’s response to the US Inflation Reduction Act designed to turbocharge clean energy access.

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