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Community services face funding uncertainty crisis

The Australian Council of Social Service today urged the Federal Government to make funding certain for vital community organisations, in the wake of an alarming survey revealing almost nine in ten organisations (87%) have no guarantee of key funding for services beyond June 2014.

"The results are indeed disturbing with only 13 per cent of organisations reporting that they have settled funding arrangements, which is impacting on their ability to keep staff and stretching services, providing vital support to the most vulnerable members of our community," said ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie.

Click here to read the full media release. Click here to read the report.

Spending cuts won’t fix Budget revenue challenge: ACOSS

ACOSS has called for action to close tax avoidance arrangements to ensure higher income and wealthy individuals pay their fair share, rather than looking to GST reform as the 'simple' solution to our revenue challenge. Read Full Statement.

Opinon Piece: 'Are we committed to an inclusive growth agenda…or not? by Cassandra Goldie.

Patchwork energy concession schemes failing people in need

People on low incomes across Australia are going without lighting, hot water and basic heating because of the failure of schemes designed to assist them, a new report from ACOSS reveals.

The report, Preventing shocks and addressing energy poverty, details the important role that adequate energy concessions play in helping people avoid disconnections, and the failure of current energy concession schemes to protect people on low incomes. Read Media Release.

OECD report shows disturbing rise in child poverty in Australia

A new OECD report highlights the high poverty rate in Australia when compared with other countries. It shows that 14% of Australians are surviving on less than 50% of median income, while the OECD average is only 11%.

Click here to find out more: Reducing poverty should be the final word on budget measures.

More action needed on jobs and employment support

ACOSS has called for urgent Government action to improve income and employment supports to tackle growing unemployment. In response to the latest unemployment figures showing the number of people on the unemployment benefit and Youth Allowance is at a 15 year high.

Read full statement: ACOSS calls for action on jobs and employment support to stem growing unemployment.

Budget should be based on needs, not wants: ACOSS

ACOSS today urged the Federal Government to deliver on its promise to put the nation's Budget on a sustainability long-term footing in a fair way that doesn't leave anyone behind, adding that future government entitlements and subsides should be based on needs, not wants.

Read Full Statement here and Download Report here.

Also read Opinion Article: 'Poverty is real, and here' published in The Australian, January 24, 2014.

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