What We Do

We are working to ensure that Australia achieves its 2030 targets under the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on:

  • reducing at least by half the proportion of people living in poverty;
  • and progressively achieving and sustaining income growth of the 40 per cent of the population with the lowest incomes at a rate higher than the national average.

To achieve these targets, we develop policy, advocate and conduct research to effect the following policy outcomes:

  • A fair social security system that ensures we all have an adequate income to cover the cost of living and to live with dignity, free from poverty.
  • An equitable tax system that provides adequate revenue to fund services and supports today and in the future.
  • Full employment (employment opportunities with adequate paid working hours for those who seek them), including for people currently unemployed long term, with responsive, quality employment services for people disadvantaged in the labour market.
  • Quality services are funded fairly to meet diverse community needs, enable innovation and provide decent wages for workers, within a new funding framework that recognises the real costs of service delivery and fosters collaboration. Safe, affordable, secure and sustainable housing for everyone.
  • Effective action to address climate change and improve energy affordability, through a rapid transition to a clean economy which is just, inclusive, equitable and affordable.
  • People most vulnerable to climate impacts are supported to adapt and recover.
  • Self-determination for Australia‚Äôs First Peoples.

We also work to ensure that people are at the centre of policy design and debate, including by ensuring that:

  • People who access services are key partners in service design, along with governments, communities and providers.
  • The voices of civil society and people experiencing poverty and disadvantage are amplified in the public sphere.
    People on low incomes or facing other barriers to access are supported through the digital transformation of our economy and service system.