Make solar accessible for all

Tell the Energy Ministers to make rooftop solar accessible and affordable for all. 

Millions of people have slashed their bills for good by installing rooftop solar – saving them thousands on their power bills. 

But, thanks to energy injustice and inconsistencies in subsidies and rebates between the states and territories many people, particularly those who rent, live in apartments or can’t afford the upfront cost, are locked out from the benefits of rooftop solar. 

Enough is enough. Energy bills are rising faster than people can afford and thousands of people are either shivering in the cold or sweltering in the heat, afraid of what heating or cooling would mean for their energy bill. 

It’s time for change. It’s time to radically expand access to solar and lower power bills for all. 

Sign the petition to tell Energy Minister Chris Bowen and state energy ministers that everyone should be able to #SaveWithSolar. 

Dear Energy Ministers, 

Thousands of Australians are being denied the opportunity to lower their energy bills with solar power. Will you help make energy more fair?  

Solar is the single biggest change a household can make to lower their energy bills for good.  

But, because of unfair legislation and inconsistent financial subsidies across the country, many Australians, including renters, apartment dwellers, people who live in social housing and low income households simply don’t have the option to save with solar. 

Instead, they make tough decisions between heating and eating. In a wealthy country like Australia, with more sunshine than any country on earth, this is not acceptable. And while the Energy Bill Relief Fund will provide some essential relief for struggling families this year, what about next year and the next decade?  

By investing in subsidies for rooftop solar you can ensure that families will be protected from energy prices for years to come, not just one off relief. 

We call on you to urgently enact the follow policy changes to support more  Australian families to share in the benefits of renewable energy and start saving right away: 

    1. Reform, and where necessary provide new, targeted and equitable subsidies, rebates and finance to facilitate the rapid expansion of rooftop solar in all states and territories, with priority for low-income households. 
    2. Build and legislate across all states and territories national minimum rental standards that incentivise landlords to provide rooftop solar on their properties
    3. Accelerate the roll out of the $1.3 billion for household energy upgrades committed in the Federal Budget and directly deliver solar installations for low income households as a priority
    4. Boost existing funding allocated for energy performance upgrades to social housing to enable the installation of rooftop solar on at least 450,000 freestanding social housing dwellings

Australia is currently in a cost of living and energy price crisis and millions of families are struggling to pay their skyrocketing bills – giving more families, especially social housing residents, low income households and renters the ability to generate their own cheap renewable power could help ease this burden.  

Please commit to implementing the four policies above immediately to end the inequity in access to solar power and help Australian families cut their power bills for good.