More than 80,000 people hurt by Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill

21 March 2018

On the day after Newstart Allowance increased by just 50 cents, the Senate passed legislation that will make life even tougher for people living below the poverty line.

The poorly named Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill went through the senate this morning with few amendments, and is anticipated to go through the House next week.

In August 2017, community leaders from across the country joined forces to call on the government to stop the cuts and attacks on people already living below the poverty line and withdraw this Bill.

Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO of ACOSS says “we a deeply disappointed that this bill will pass parliament because it will worsen the lives of people experiencing disadvantage.

“This Bill will increase already shockingly high homelessness numbers.  More than 80,000 people stand to be cut off from payments after just 12 months of this new legislation.

“We congratulate the Greens, Labor and independent senator Tim Storer for opposing this Bill.

“We call on this parliament to focus on giving our communities hope and dignity, including those of us with the lowest incomes. We call on our political leaders to raise the rate of the lowest payments, and give people a decent chance of finding paid work.”