Green Start Scheme to Help Low-Income Households Save Energy

8 July 2010

ACOSS has welcomed today’s announcement of the Green Start program which is targeted at assisting low-income Australians improve their household energy and water efficiency.

“Households on low and fixed incomes are vulnerable to increases in energy and water prices,” said Tony Westmore, Acting CEO, Australian Council of Social Service.

“Low-income earners spend, on average, double the proportion of their total weekly household budget on power and water than wealthier households.

“The Green Start program should see increased energy efficiency in low-income households leading to lower utility bills and reduced carbon emissions.

“Utility prices have increased at rates well beyond other goods and services in recent years. Low-income households are forced to cover these costs by cutting back on other essential goods like groceries, or chose not to heat their homes.

“Households with tight budgets have little financial capacity to find the extra dollars to improve the efficiency of their homes, such as such as new showerheads, insulation, new hot water systems or rainwater tanks.

Community sector organisations can apply for funding in the second round to deliver the Green Start program.

Media Contact: Clare Cameron, ACOSS – 0419 626 155