CPRS Verdict Misses an Opportunity to Build a Clean Energy Future

14 August 2009

Statement from Clare Martin, CEO, Australian Council of Social Service.
“ACOSS is disappointed by the Senate verdict on climate laws. We have missed an opportunity to begin urgently required work towards a clean economy.”

“Now is the time to start investing in thousands of clean energy jobs. Without swift action, the economic opportunities of job creation will pass us by.”

“Low income Australians will be disproportionately hit by climate change. An equitable approach to climate change involves protecting the most vulnerable from the impacts of climate change while tapping opportunities for enterprise and employment.

“The longer we take to act on climate change, the more costly it will be. We await the swift return of the legislation to Parliament.”

ACOSS is a founding member of the Southern Cross Climate Coalition, which comprises leading labour, environmental, social and research organisations working to promote solutions to the climate crisis.

See www.CleanEnergyJobs.com.au