Quality health services for all in need

For people who have to watch every cent, it’s difficult to cover basic health costs, let alone to pay for specialist care. The cost of going to the dentist often keeps people on low incomes from getting check-ups, which can lead to dental problems down the track. We need government to make sure everyone can get the healthcare they need, including dental care, mental health care and specialist care. Our health is so important and nobody’s health should be put at risk because they can’t afford care.

ACOSS and Health

ACOSS works to ensure that the needs of people on low incomes are high on the agenda of health reform in Australia, through our involvement with our members in the health sector. We also work with the network of Councils of Social Service in Australia to advance a social determinants of health approach in our policy and advocacy, recognising that people on low incomes are often less able to access timely, affordable health care; experience higher rates of poor health, particularly oral and mental health; and that poor health can in turn exacerbate socio-economic disadvantage and exclusion.