Health priorities for the 2019 Federal Election

Every day we see new treatments emerge for health conditions that save lives and improve the quality of life for people across Australia. Despite our progress, our society remains affected by health inequalities that further marginalise people experiencing poverty and disadvantage. Large service gaps have emerged that mean that people on low incomes are not getting the healthcare that they need- particularly in dental health.

There is insufficient focus on preventive health and health promotion, leading to higher costs at the acute end of care. At the same time, there is enormous waste in our healthcare spending, with programs like the Private Health Insurance Rebate costing billions more than quality public health services would to deliver the same health outcomes. Our policy proposals are designed to reduce the worst service gaps in health care for people on low incomes, and end some of the waste in the system.

Key proposals

  • Invest in health promotion, prevention and community based health services 
  • Make dental care affordable for all
  • Abolish the Private Health Insurance rebate and reinvest savings in the public health system
  • Abolish the Extended Medicare Safety Net and reinvest savings in the public health system

Download full health election priorities statement here