Copyright policy

ACOSS Copyright Statement

This publication is copyright. Non-profit community organisations have permission to reproduce part of this publication as long as the original meaning is retained and proper credit is given to the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS). All other persons and organisations wanting to reproduce material, apart from fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act, must obtain written permission from the publisher, available at ACOSS, Locked Bag 4777, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012, ph: 61 2 9310 6200, email: [email protected]


Standard Conditions for Approvals

  • Each source must be fully credited.
  • No change must be made to the extract without ACOSS approval.
  • Permission to reproduce is granted for use world wide.
  • Permission is granted for the first edition of the publication only (or first year of educational course only).
  • A copy of the publication may be requested in addition to, or instead of, a fee.
  • The following copyright fee must be paid:



Commercial and other publishers $200 per 1000 words, per graph or table
Public educational institution $100 per 1000 words, per graph or table
Non-profit community welfare organisation Fee waived


These fees are indicative only. For example:

  • Higher fees may apply for very large print runs and any variations from the standard conditions that significantly increase the value of the copyright licence that is sought; or
  • Discounts may apply for reasons such as the age of the original publication and/or its cost/availability.