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The ACOSS Board, Management and Staff are saddened by the passing of David Thompson AM. 

David was a long serving Director of ACOSS including as Treasurer and interim President. In addition, for almost 30 years as CEO of Jobs Australia & for over a decade the Chair of Community Sector Banking.

David committed his life to serving the community, advocating for people affected by unemployment and disadvantage, and contributing to decades of social and economic reforms.   

In his advocacy to Government – whether over welfare reform, activity requirements and penalties, or the quality of employment services, David put people who were unemployed front and centre.

We extend our sympathies to David’s family. 

A memorial service is being planned for later in the year and we will share the details once confirmed.

PBO report signals older women at risk of long-term unemployment without Government action

The Parliamentary Budget Office has today released a report today showing that in the lead up to the COVID-19 crisis, older women were increasingly recipients of JobSeeker (then Newstart).

The report finds that in 2019 half of all people on JobSeeker (then Newstart) were aged 45 years or above. Of those aged 60 and over, more than half were women. Read more

Requirements (‘mutual obligations’) for people on Jobseeker and Youth Allowance (Other) payments

From 28 September, mutual obligation requirements return for people who receive an activity tested payment, such as JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance (Other), some parents on Parenting Payment and certain Special Benefit recipients. Read more

People on JobSeeker need financial security, not cuts, to rebuild from crisis

More than two million people across Australia tomorrow face a $300-per-fortnight cut to their already low incomes, impacting one million children.
The Australian Council of Social Service is urging the Federal Government to reverse its decision to cut the Coronavirus Supplement (received by people on JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and parenting payments), which it is able to do immediately outside of Parliamentary sitting. Read more

Technology Roadmap needs to prioritise job creation and emissions reductions

ACOSS expressed concern the Federal Government’s new technology roadmap has no clear link to an emissions reduction target, with people on low incomes suffering the worst impacts of the climate crisis.
ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie said: “While there are many worthwhile technologies included in the roadmap, investing in technologies that extend the life of polluting coal and gas will slow our transition to net zero emissions, worsening the climate crisis, which disproportionately impacts people on low incomes. Read more

New survey shows impact of COVID-19 on community sector and those it helps

new survey finds the community service sector is approaching crisis point due to COVID-19 with more than a million people excluded from income support and expected cuts to income support for over 2 million others. The sector is also dealing with the doubling of unemployment and a rise in serious mental health issues, as well as drops in fundraising, drops in JobKeeper amounts, and future funding uncertainty. Read more

More investment needed in job-rich energy efficiency for low-income homes

ACOSS welcomes the refunding of Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and additional mandate to focus on energy efficiency, but urges significantly more government investment in energy efficiency measures to quickly stimulate jobs and deliver benefits to renters and people on low incomes. Read more


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