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ACOSS publications inform public debate about ACOSS policy issues, document ACOSS research and influence Government on policy. Many ACOSS publications are developed in partnership with other organisations

Social Security Trends: Policy snapshot, April 2014

14 April 2014

The snapshot counters the argument that there is a ‘blowout’ in the number of people on welfare. It provides information about changes in the number of people who rely on social security payments, and about past and future budget expenditure on social security payments and services.

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Preventing shocks and addressing energy poverty: an ACOSS discussion paper

31 March 2014

This paper discusses the impacts of energy hardship, before outlining the inconsistencies and inadequacies of the energy concession frameworks in Australia. It outlines recommendations for reform, and potential policy solutions to be pursued so that energy is affordable for everyone in Australia.

Submission to Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into Affordable Housing

27 March 2014

A short submission to this inquiry in which ACOSS expresses support for the drive to achieve economic growth through investment in infrastructure, but with the important inclusion of social and community infrastructure. Housing infrastructure is undeniably our most urgent social infrastructure challenge.

ACOSS funding certainty brief

26 March 2014

The Terms of Reference of the Commission of Audit state that it “has a broad remit to examine the scope for efficiency and productivity improvements across all areas of Commonwealth expenditure.” ACOSS has called for people experiencing poverty and inequality be protected from the impact of any consequent cuts. However the implications of funding uncertainty extend throughout the sector - they affect the provision of services to clients; they are crucial for paid staff; and they affect the overall viability of community organisations.

Further Submission to Senate Select Committee Inquiry into the Commission of Audit

27 February 2014

ACOSS further submission to the Inquiry into the Commission of Audit, respnoding to questions on notice from hearing, 18 February 2014. This supplementary submission covers concerns about cuts to funding of vital community services and co-payments in the health system.

Budget Priorities Statement, 2014

10 February 2014

ACOSS' 2014-15 Budget Priorities Statement outlines the following priorities for the 2014-15 Federal Budget:
  • Undertaking effective tax reform to achieve a sustainable revenue base for an ageing population and roll back unfair tax breaks for people on higher incomes;
  • Ensuring that those who are already disadvantaged in the labour market do not also suffer poverty because of the low rate of Allowances; and have access to jobs;
  • Improving housing affordability and improving the life chances and health outcomes for low income families and individuals; and
  • Ensuring essential community services, particularly those which assist the most vulnerable members of our community, are not targeted in an effort to achieve Budget sustainability, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services and representative organisations and multicultural services; and strengthening the capacity of the community sector to deliver vital community services.

Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Child Care

7 February 2014

ACOSS has long advocated for reform of child care assistance in Australia to improve access, equity and educational and development outcomes for children in low income households. We therefore welcome this Inquiry as an opportunity to review the effectiveness of current policy settings in achieving these outcomes. A well-educated population is the key to Australia’s economic and social wellbeing, now and into the future. However, significant numbers of children and young people, particularly from low-income households and disadvantaged communities, are not achieving good educational outcomes. Lack of education has long been recognised as a key factor in poverty and disadvantage. Those who are better educated are at less risk of poverty, while those living in poverty are less likely to achieve high quality educational outcomes.

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Commission of Audit

31 January 2014

Despite our general support for a review of expenditure,  ACOSS has number of concerns about the purpose, scope and process of the Commission of Audit which we outlined in this submission.

ACOSS submission to the Senate Education and Employment Committee

10 December 2013

This short submission regarding the Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013deals with the proposed changes to family payments.

ACOSS submission to the Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

10 December 2013

This short submission regarding the above Bill deals with the proposed changes to pension deeming rules and family payments.