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ACOSS publications inform public debate about ACOSS policy issues, document ACOSS research and influence Government on policy. Many ACOSS publications are developed in partnership with other organisations

Budget Analysis 2015-16

23 May 2015

ACOSS' analysis of the 2015-16 Federal Budget.

Payment adequacy: a view from those relying on social security payments

12 May 2015

This paper is based on a survey of more than 600 people receiving income support payments. It highlights the plight of people living on the lowest income support payments, Newstart and Youth Allowance, with 83% saying they don't have enough to live on, including one in five reporting they are unable to afford basic essentials like housing, food and electricity.

ACOSS submission to DSS inquiry on community service tendering process

21 April 2015

+       The impact of the Government’s cuts to community organisations and the extended uncertainty they produced left many organisations without critical government support to provide services to those in need; and to provide policy advice and connection with community over major social and economic priorities. This submission outlines the experience of community organisations with the DSS tendering process, and how this process has affected service delivery and organisational wellbeing.

ACOSS Tax Talks 2. Fuel on the fire: negative gearing, capital gains tax & housing affordability.

16 April 2015

This report focusses on negative gearing arrangements and the 50% discount on Capital Gains Tax for investors. It explains how these tax breaks work, who benefits, how much they cost, and their impact on housing markets and the economy. It proposes reforms to improve fairness and efficiency of federal tax support for housing.

An Affordable Housing Reform Agenda: goals and recommendations for reform

24 March 2015

A joint paper listing recommendations for housing affordability reform.

ACOSS Strategic Plan 2014-2017

1 February 2015

ACOSS' strategic plan for the period 2014-2017 sets the direction for us to deliver high quality policy and advocacy in the interests of those affected by poverty, disadvantage and inequality.

Budget Priorities Statement 2015-16

Budget Priorities Statement 2015-16

29 January 2015

ACOSS' submission to the 2015-16 Federal Budget Process.

ACOSS Tax Talk No 1: Are we paying our fair share?

24 January 2015

This Tax Talks Paper No 1, is the first in the ACOSS series addressing some of the key questions about the direction that tax reform should take. There are several important principles that should drive reform, one of which is the principle of equity or 'fairness'. Fairness or 'equity' should be a key measure against which any tax system is assessed. 

Funding uncertainty hurting Australia’s Community Sector

18 December 2014

Funding uncertainty and inadequacy is widespread across Australia’s community sector. It has been driving high levels of unmet demand and undermining the capacity of the sector to meet effectively the needs of people experiencing poverty and inequality. This factsheet expands on the current state of Federal funding in Australia, as at December 2014.

Australian Community Sector Survey 2014

8 December 2014

The Australian Community Sector Survey 2014 finds that the lives of people living on low incomes have become increasingly difficult and stressful over the past year.

  • 49% of sector staff reported quality of life to be ‘a lot worse' for people on low incomes.
  • 50% of sector staff reported quality of life to be ‘a lot worse' for young unemployed people.
  • 56% of sector staff reported that life for sole parents is more stressful.
  • 54% of sector staff reported that life is more stressful for young unemployed people.
  • 52% of sector staff reported that life is more stressful for older unemployed people.