Workshops, Berry Street Childhood Institute

The Berry Street Childhood Institute are pleased to welcome back Robert Tucker (UK), an internationally renowned specialist working with children, adolescents and families where there are concerns about sexual abuse and inappropriate or harmful sexual behaviours. With over 30 years’ experience in UK statutory social work with children and families, Robert is also a highly regarded facilitator and consultant with a reputation for being engaging and challenging perspectives.

During his 2018 Australian Tour, Robert will present the following workshops:

Working with children & young people with problematic or harmful sexual behaviour

Learn to distinguish between ‘normal’ and problematic sexual behaviours among children and young people. A practical workshop that will provide risk assessment and screening tools, approaches to case formulation and intervention planning as well as models

Melbourne, 9th October

Adelaide, 10th October

Mildura, 12th October

Sydney, 22nd October

Hobart, 24th October

Helping children talk about and understand their experience of familial child sexual abuse

This workshop aims to consider the needs of children and young people who have been affected by sexual abuse within their families and identify key issues in helping children talk about and understand their experiences.

16th October, Adelaide

Using knowledge of adult offenders to inform practice with children affected by sexual abuse

Learn how an understanding of sex offender patterns can enhance work with children and families affected by intrafamilial child sexual abuse (sexual abuse in family contexts). This use of ‘offender knowledge’ is utilised to help practitioners look out for possible warning signs and to assist with investigation, assessment, intervention and the provision of therapeutic care

26th October, Melbourne

For all of Robert’s workshop visit the website: Berry Street Childhood Institute