Keeping Kids Central training

A child-centred approach by the Institute of Child Protection Studies

Do you come into contact with children and young people affected by domestic violence? Keeping Kids Central, a free online training program developed by the Institute of Child Protection Studies, can enhance your skills in adopting a child-centred approach. The program is built on values that respect the safety, wellbeing and rights of children and young people and that support the responsibility of organisations to build child-safe environments.

Keeping Kids Central is recommended for practitioners who work with families, children and young people affected by domestic violence. The program is also suitable for program leaders who lead the implementation of a child-safe environment.

You can choose which modules to complete and focus on your specific learning needs:

  • understanding the nature and dynamics of domestic and family violence
  • building practice skills
  • developing inclusive services for children from diverse backgrounds
  • supporting children and young people to flourish
  • leading your organisation in adopting child-centred policies and practices.

To find out more email Program Manager Jacqui Stewart at [email protected] or download our brochure from our Safeguarding Children website.

Contact Maria Battaglia,  ICPS Comms Officer if you have any questions: [email protected]