Mutual obligation Snapshot – profile of people who use employment services

This snapshot outlines the profile of people who use jobactive services.

In November 2021, there were over 924,000 people who were required to use jobactive employment services. 724,000 used a jobactive provider of face to face services, while approximately 200,000 people used online employment services.

During the labour market recovery from the COVID pandemic, the share of people using jobactive services for more than a year grew because they were less likely to secure employment than newly-unemployed people. This chart shows the number of people in jobactive by duration of unemployment through 2021.

This chart shows the growth in the number of people using jobactive employment services who are classified as facing greater barriers to employment. The share of people in jobactive ‘Stream C’ (the most disadvantaged) remained constant in 2021 while it decreased for people in the other Streams (A and B).

The following chart shows how many people use jobactive employment services, and what the breakdown is by characteristics such as age and gender, for the data available until the end of September 2021.

The following chart shows the education levels of people in jobactive. It shows there is a diverse range of people who are using jobactive with a wide range of educational attainment.