President’s Message

Reflecting on Peter’s time as President and the last 12 months

Throughout 2021/22 ACOSS continued to shine a light on the gaps in systems and services, whilst offering evidence-based solutions to governments to improve and secure the lives of millions of people at risk. 

The Board is thankful for and proud of the work of ACOSS, its members and the COSS Network for continuing to amplify the voices of and impacts on people directly affected by poverty and inequality. We are also grateful for the support of funders and partners in helping to forge a path through these challenging times.

Looking back, when the Board approved ACOSS’ 2019–2022 Strategic Plan, no one accurately foresaw the period ahead. Yet the direction and disciplines set in the strategic plan have provided the foundations for ACOSS to best respond during these unheralded times. I am also pleased to report that during this period ACOSS has returned a small surplus and continues to maintain a healthy balance sheet. 

The Board is grateful for the exceptional leadership and commitment of ACOSS CEO DrCassandra Goldie and to the ACOSS team for their ability to adapt and respond promptly during constantly changing times.

My gratitude goes to my fellow Board Directors for their commitment, strong governance and strategic oversight, with special thanks to Matt Gardiner (Treasurer), Violet Roumeliotis (Deputy President) and Mary Sayers (Audit and Risk Committee Chair) for their additional responsibilities and availability.

As we begin setting strategic priorities for 2023–2025, there are undoubtedly unforeseen challenges and opportunities ahead. However, the Board is confident that ACOSS will continue its unwavering commitment to working towards a fair and inclusive Australia for all, free from poverty.