ACOSS develops and promotes socially and economically responsible public policy and action by government, community and business, by drawing on the direct experiences of people affected by poverty and inequality, and the expertise of our diverse member base.

Our policy agenda focuses on those issues that affect people living on low incomes and experiencing disadvantage. Our core aims are to reduce poverty and increase opportunity, connection, and participation.

Key Policy Areas

ACOSS’ policy agenda focuses on the needs of low income and disadvantaged Australians with the core aims of reducing poverty and increasing social inclusion and participation.

Our work is focused on the following priority areas:

Income Support & EmploymentEmployment and Income Support

Our policy development focuses on policies to reduce unemployment, employment assistance to improve the job prospects of the most disadvantaged jobless people.

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Economics and TaxEconomics and Tax

ACOSS focuses on policies to strengthen economic development and growth so that low income people benefit from more jobs and improved incomes.

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Housing & HomelessnessHousing and Homelessness

Our housing & homelessness policy development is directed at making housing accessible and affordable for the most disadvantaged.

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Community SectorCommunity Services

Non-profit organisations provide essential services for a wide section of our community, including some of the poorest and most disadvantaged Australians. ACOSS provides a policy voice for non-profit organisations across Australia.

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ACOSS also engages in policy and advocacy activities across a range of other policy areas, working in alliance with others wherever possible and strategic. View these other policy areas here.