Save our safety net

We are calling on Federal Government to stop the cuts and stop the attack on people who have the least in Australia.

Federal government wants to make more cuts to the incomes of people living with severe hardship, through the ‘Welfare Reform’ Bill. There are already 3 million people living in poverty in Australia. Horrifically, 731,000 are children. We don’t want more people falling into poverty.

44 civil society organisations say stop the cuts.

There is one job available for every ten people looking for paid work. Despite this, the Federal government continues to demonise and attack people simply because they can’t find paid work or are looking after family. They are being abused, stigmatised and humiliated by their very own government. Government should focus on providing jobs, not attacking people who are looking for work.

44 civil society organisations say stop the attack.

We are a wealthy country, yet things are tough and more and more people are facing poverty. They will face more cuts and more abuse and more attacks from their very own government.

Tell government stop the cuts and stop the attack.

Our society is built on giving a helping hand when someone needs it most. Let’s make sure everyone lives with opportunity, dignity, love and respect. Let’s help people out of poverty, not send more people under.

#DignityNotPoverty  #TreatUsLikeHumans  #SaveOurSafetyNet


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ACOSS and 44 civil society organisations from across Australia are also calling on government to strengthen the social safety net and stop tearing it apart. Please read our Joint Statement

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