Other policy areas

We regularly publish reports and submissions on key social issues in the following areas.

Climate and Energy


Australia faces major climate change risks unless we begin to change and transition to a low carbon economy.
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Employment and Income Support


ACOSS’ interest in energy markets, carbon reduction and energy efficiency is primarily the result of our interest in matters affecting low income and disadvantaged people in Australia.
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People on low incomes or living in disadvantaged or isolated communities experience particular problems accessing services that are readily available to other Australians.
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeoplesIndigenous

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Indigenous Australians are some of the most disadvantaged members of our community, with many living in poverty and have poor health and housing.
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Law and Injustice

Law & Justice

ACOSS advocates for a fair and equitable legal system for all Australians and improving access to legal services for low income Australians.
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Poverty and Social Inclusion

Poverty & Social Inclusion

ACOSS works to increase the participation of all people in our society, through our policy development and advocacy of social security and community services.
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Sector Development

Sector Development

ACOSS work on sector development looks at the range of issues facing the sustainability and development of the social service sector.
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