NGO Media Forum 2011

Monday 28th March in Melbourne

ACOSS would like to thank all 120 people who took part in our hugely successful Inaugural NGO Media and Communications Forum held in Melbourne on 28th March 2011.

Your support and enthusiasm made it a truly electric night and we trust everyone took something away with them from the experience.

ACOSS plans to make the forum a regular feature of our national conference, and we are also looking at other opportunities to bring media and communications professionals together throughout the year.

See the complete program, presentations, stories, and photos from the event loaded on this page.

ACOSS wishes to extend a special thanks to Pro Bono for supporting the event and looking after our twitter hashtag #ACOSS2011 which literally went off. You can check-out the twitter feed and Pro Bono’s coverage of the forum as well as the ACOSS conference.

We would also like to thank Grit Media for supporting and filming the forum. The recording is being edited with the help of Monash University Media & Journalism students and will be uploaded in the coming week.

Media & Comms Forum Program

Welcome and Introduction
Fernando de Freitas, ACOSS Media Communications Officer
Dr Cassandra Goldie, ACOSS CEO

Reporting Social Services: Who really cares?
Dr Sally Young – Senior Lecturer, School of Social and Political Sciences, the University of Melbourne. Gave an overview of the latest research on media coverage and representation of the Not-For-Profit sector and the people and issues the sector represents.
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STIGMA – let’s cut it out!
Jeremy Little, SANE Australia
StigmaWatch – monitoring media portrayals with the aim of increasing understanding and improving accurate and respectful representation of mental illness and suicide.
See slideshow>>

How to run a campaign WEEK on a shoe string budget
Aileen Solowiej, Homelessness Australia
How a small group pulled off a successful week of campaigning bringing attention to homelessness issues (National Homeless Persons Week).
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How to win over both sides of politics – VCOSS election campaign
John Kelly, VCOSS Media and Communications Coordinator
on how the community sector managed to win over Labor and
the Liberals in the 2011 Victorian State election.

Making friends and influencing people
Elise Davidson, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
Teaming up with other groups can make your voice stronger! (13/1800 Numbering Campaign)
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 Public Interest Journalism: finding new ways to tell stories
Margaret Simons, former Age journalist, author and convenor of journalism at Swinburne University of Technology, and writes on media for Crikey.
Talked about an exciting public interest journalism project at Swinburne, creating new spaces to uncover, tell, and share stories using new media.

Changing perceptions of Indigenous Australians

Karen Mundine Reconciliation Australia
Talked about RA’s ‘Barometer’ – measuring the progress to reconcile non-Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians since 2008.


The Emerging Communications Toolkit for NGO’s
Greg Sam, Parker & Partners – NGO public affairs specialist on the latest tools and strategies for successful campaigning.
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Tips on how N-F-P sector can use social media effectively
i. Briony Walker, Headspace (the national youth mental health foundation) – have active communities on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and also operate an online counselling service for young people.
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ii. Kate Kendall , digital marketing consultant and organiser of Social Media Melbourne – tips on what, when and how to use social media tools for effective campaigning.
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Stories & takeways

Insights from the ACOSS Media and Communications Forum
Pro Bono Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 Takeaways from the ACOSS Media and Communications Forum
By Connecting Up Australia on 29 March 2011 – 3:09pm

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