Mutual obligation Snapshots – Series Overview

This series of snapshots provide information about mutual obligations for people receiving unemployment payments, and provide regular updates on who receives payment suspensions and other penalties for not meeting requirements that have been set under Mutual Obligation policy rules. They are based on data that is provided to the Senate Estimates and on other statistical sources we name in the charts.

The purpose of these snapshots is to identify trends in the application of mutual obligation penalties so that we can highlight concerns about the system to Government. These briefings might contain different data sets when we focus on a different issues. The snapshots use charts that are designed to be interactive and show data for different periods of time for comparison.

What are Mutual Obligations?

Mutual Obligations are the activities and tasks set by the federal Government that people receiving income support payments need to do to keep their payments. They include things like attending appointments with providers, applying for jobs (job searching), attending job interviews, and activities like Training and Work for the Dole.

Who has Mutual Obligations?

People who are on income support payments such as Job Seeker and Youth Allowance (other) are required to use employment services and demonstrate they are actively looking for work. Most people use mainstream services which go by the name of jobactive and will soon be called Workforce Australia.

Mutual obligation Snapshot – Payment suspensions and cancellations
This snapshot focuses on payment suspensions and cancellation. It provides a profile of who gets these what the trends are.

Mutual obligation Snapshot – the Targeted Compliance Framework
This snapshot explains what the Targeted Compliance Framework is and how it works. It also includes some data on demerit points and payment penalties.

Mutual obligation Snapshot – What is a job plan
This snapshot explains what a job plan is and analyses data collected by ACOSS on the requirements in job plans.

Workforce Australia – Provider Snapshot – ACOSS

This briefing explains the changes to employment services providers that will accompany the transition to Workforce Australia from July 2022.

Mutual obligations and the New Employment Services model
This briefing explains how mutual obligations are changes in the the New Employment Services that will be called Workforce Australia, from 1 July 2022.

Mutual obligation Snapshot – profile of people in jobactive
This snapshot outlines the profiles of people who use employment services.

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