Bradley Review to aid struggling students

ACOSS welcomes the recommendations of the Bradley Review of Higher Education to assist students struggling financially by increasing the Youth Allowance and Austudy payments and lifting parental thresholds.

Clare Martin, CEO, ACOSS:

“ACOSS welcomes the broad direction of the Bradley Report to assist disadvantaged and financially needy students.

“We want students to study, not struggle to survive financially. Current payments of $178 a week for students not living at home are inadequate.

“Students on these payments struggle to make ends meet and pay for the increased cost of rent, groceries and fuel.

“Boosting Youth Allowance and Austudy payments as well as allowing students to earn $200 a week instead of $118 a week without it affecting their payments is a good start. An increase to the parental income test threshold will also mean more students doing it tough qualify for support.”

Media Contact: Clare Cameron – 0419 626 155