ACOSS Welcomes COAG Funding for Vital Services

ACOSS welcomes COAG’s announcement to increase funding for health, education, housing and homelessness to improve access to services for disadvantaged and low income Australians.

“ACOSS welcomes the Government’s moves to address the needs of disadvantaged schools, hospitals and health workforce reform, reduce overcrowding in remote Indigenous communities and improve services for homeless people. Better service delivery for Australians who are currently missing out is critical to the social inclusion agenda,” said Clare Martin, CEO, ACOSS.

“We hope the $800 million over five years for homelessness will achieve greater coordination between services so that fewer people fall through the cracks. The funds should also enhance the capacity of the community sector to provide support services to those who are homeless. With 55% of clients being turned away from homeless services on any given night, additional resources are critically needed,” said Clare Martin.

ACOSS looks forward to working with government on future investment in social housing, disability services and for Indigenous early childhood development.

“It is disappointing that social housing missed out on a substantial funding increase in the National Affordable Housing Agreement. The base funding for social housing will fall in real terms. COAG funding for an additional 1,600 – 2,000 dwellings falls well short of the 30,000 dwellings needed by 2012 to cut waiting lists and ensure more Australians have secure housing,” said Clare Martin.