ACOSS Congratulates the Government on Removing Work Barrier for Disability Support Pensioners

ACOSS today congratulated the Government on its decision to protect the incomes of Disability Support Pensioners who look for work. The decision was announced today by the Ministers for Workforce Participation and Human Services, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services.

“ACOSS warmly welcomes the Government’s announcement that Disability Support Pensioners will not face a review of their pension and potential loss of income as a result of seeking employment assistance” said ACOSS President, Lin Hatfield Dodds.

“ACOSS has long argued that the review of a person’s eligibility for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) at the point they apply for employment programs like the Disability Employment Network is a major disincentive to participation” said Acting ACOSS CEO, Gregor Macfie.

People living on the DSP have been rightly concerned about the potential loss of income from being reassessed as eligible for the lower paid Newstart Allowance as a result of this situation

Today’s decision will separate the assessment of pension eligibility from the assessment of employment assistance needs. From September 2008 people on DSP can have their employment assistance needs assessed without fear of losing income in the process.