ACOSS strongly opposes further ‘crackdowns’ on welfare payments to fund spending promises in this election.

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie will be available for comment to respond to the release of the Coalition’s costings and further ‘crackdowns’ on welfare payments.
Dr Goldie will be outlining ACOSS’ concerns about the Coalition’s proposals to take further funds out of the welfare system, while doing nothing to ensure income adequacy for those living on the lowest incomes.
She will also highlight the risks that the welfare ‘integrity’ policy announced today could lead to significant hardship for vulnerable people affected if it results in more automated or aggressive debt recovery approaches.
“Australia’s lowest income earners and most vulnerable households have borne the brunt of Coalition savings measures in three successive budgets and enough is enough, said ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie.
“ACOSS strongly opposes taking any more money out of income support payments. This is the last place the Coalition should be looking for savings to fund new election spending promises.
“People are struggling to survive on $38 dollars a day Newstart payments which have not been increased in two decades,” Dr Goldie said.
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