Jobs and Skills Summit 2022

The Jobs and Skills Summit was held at Parliament House in Canberra on 1‑2 September 2022.

ACOSS’s position paper Restoring full employment: Policies for the Jobs and Skills Summit  is now available. Click here for a print version.

Read Peter Davidson’s statement to the Jobs and Skills Summit session on Boosting workforce participation.

Read this member briefing which summarises the main outcomes of the Jobs and Skills Summit held on 1-2 September in Canberra, our participation in the Summit and related events, and next steps in the process. It includes links to the Government’s Summit outcomes statement, our Summit policy paper and joint statements agreed between ACOSS, ACTU and BCA. The Summit, the lead-up events, and related advocacy work represented a huge effort for all involved. Thank you to ACOSS national members, COSSs and staff who were a part of this.

Read ‘A Statement to Jobs and Skills Summit’ by ACOSS Acting CEO, Edwina MacDonald.

A Joint Statement released by ACOSS, the BCA and the ACTU outlined how achieving and sustaining full employment should be a guiding framework of the Jobs and Skills Summit and white paper process according .

ACOSS and the ACTU have reached agreement on a range of issues discussed at last week’s Jobs and Skills Summit, including achieving and maintaining full employment, removing barriers to women’s participation in the workforce, properly supporting unemployed workers and lifting people out of poverty, and fixing our broken bargaining system to make it simple, fair and accessible for all working people.

The Summit was invitation only and will be preceded by Roundtables convened by relevant Ministers for their portfolios.

Read the ACOSS briefing on the Roundtable and Summit process here.

ACOSS media releases

Members and other statements

An issues paper for the Summit was published by Treasury.


WACOSS recommendations to the State pre-summit consultation and WACOSS response

WWDA: Response to Disability Royal Commission Employment Issues Paper.




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Background material

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