#HealthyHomes for Renters Petition


Everyone should have a healthy home and affordable energy bills.


More people are renting in Australia, and renting for longer. People are growing old, raising families, and retiring in rented homes. But our rented homes are making us sick, and are too expensive for many members of our community to run. They are too hot in summer, and too cold in winter and they result in unaffordable energy bills. As climate change contributes to hotter and longer heatwaves, summer will become unbearable for some people in rental properties.


Property investors should be required to implement basic measures that would make a rented home healthy to live in and cheaper to run. Legally enforceable energy efficiency standards would require landlords to retrofit rental properties to make them cooler in summer, warmer in winter and lower energy bills.

Ask Australian governments to commit to introducing minimum

energy efficiency standards for rental properties

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