2019 ACOSS National Conference

The 2019 ACOSS National Conference will provide a deep dive into the latest research and developments in economic and public policy, with a focus on poverty and inequality in Australia through a series of interactive plenary sessions.

The conference offers attendees the opportunity to participate in key learning and development opportunities, to be a part of an important knowledge exchange as well as the opportunity to network with representatives from the sector, government and business with shared interests.

The ACOSS National Conference has been a key event for civil society in Australia for over six decades.

Each year hundreds of thought leaders, policy makers, political leaders, social innovators, practitioners, academics, campaigners, community leaders and social justice advocates come together to engage in collective public policy analysis, discussion and debate; identifying challenges and strategizing solutions with the view to address poverty and inequality and enhance social cohesion in Australia.

The event follows a unique interactive format designed to ensure maximum participation by conference delegates in and out of the room.

We engage expert facilitators to ensure a meaningful two-way dialogue occurs between panellists and delegates and minimise keynote addresses.

The ACOSS Conference also attracts a range of high profile national and international speakers including the leaders of all major political parties.

Live conference streaming, a conference app and Twitter feed ensure the conversation extends beyond the physical space and engages thousands of civil society contributors across Australia.