National CLC Conference: Power, Purpose, Possibilities

We are at a tipping point.  We must take action to address economic inequality and ecological crisis. Economic inequality is increasing. We work in a political and economic system that punishes those in our communities who already experience the most disadvantage and discrimination, incarcerates our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and disempowers the most vulnerable. The gap is widening between the haves and have nots. We are experiencing an ecological crisis. Climate change – heat, bushfires, drought, wild winds and floods, rising sea levels – threatens the existence of all life on our planet.

We want to build a fairer society, where all people are able to live freely and with dignity and are able to access to the services and support they need. We want public interests to be prioritised over private interests. We want social justice. We want climate and ecological justice. We want justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This tipping point offers us an opportunity to debate political and ethical questions and to develop strategies for systemic change.

At the 2019 National Community Legal Centres Conference Power, Purpose, Possibilities we will be considering these hot topics:

  • What do social, political and environmental pressures mean for our communities and our clients?
  • What impact does the growing inequality and climate crisis have on the kinds of legal issues our communities experience?
  • Where does the community legal sector fit within wider movements for social justice and climate justice?
  • How do we stay hopeful, healthy and resilient?

Plug into interactive workshops and inspiring presentations. Together we will find a way to re-energise our sense of justice, fairness and equity and, perhaps most importantly, our sense of hope.

People acting collectively has always been a source of unbridled power, and this year’s Conference is the platform to light the fuse!