2018 ACOSS National Conference: Rise to the Challenge

There are numerous and massive challenges currently confronting community services sector organisations – as service providers, as research and advocacy bodies and as member representative organisations. Among these are:

  • Confronting welfare conditionality
  • Raising revenue and providing best services
  • Automating decisions and inequality
  • Persuading decision makers
  • Rising to the challenge of data
  • Raising the Rate campaign
  • Accessing and affording energy
  • Deepening our democracy
  • Co-designing services and programs
  • Addressing poverty and inequality
  • Challenging the front-lines of bold advocacy, and
  • Strengthening our advocacy

The 2018 ACOSS “Rise to the Challenge” National Conference has been designed not only to explore these in order to shape and inform, but also to equip participants to better confront and address these challenges.

Big ideas plenary sessions, with lessons from the UK, USA, NZ and Australia, combined with practical breakout workshop sessions to engage with the big challenges in more depth.

The conference will end on a big note – literally – the choir from the Anti-Poverty Network South Australia.