Energy & Low Income Households

People living on low incomes are experiencing significant pressures as a result of substantial increases in the cost of electricity, without a concomitant increase in income.  Low income people are most likely to live in poorly-insulated and inefficient rental accommodation, and spend a higher proportion of their income on energy, water and fuel than others.  They are least able to respond to increases in prices and to invest in more efficient homes.  Given that energy is an essential service, energy price rises leave the most vulnerable households with little option but to pay the extra.

Energy Forums

Addressing the drivers of rising energy prices – the opportunities and risks for vulnerable households, 14 November 2012

This workshop, co-hosted with the Brotherhood of St Laurence, provided a forum for the community welfare sector and its partners to deliberate on rising energy prices and the options for addressing them.

Workshop presentations: What’s causing rising energy prices and the opportunities for tackling rising prices 

Panel: Consumer expert perspectives

Gerard Brody, Director of Policy and Campaigns, Consumer Action
Gavin Dufty, Manager of Policy and Research, St Vincent de Paul
Gill Owen, Monash Sustainability Institute (former member of  the UK Fuel Poverty Advisory Group)
Andrea Pape, Senior Policy Officer, Energy and Climate Change, ACOSS

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