ACOSS Comment and Post Guidelines

ACOSS Comments and Post Guidelines Our aim for this page is to keep you updated on our work with members and the community towards an Australia free of poverty, with an inclusive community, fair economy and liveable climate. We hope our posts will encourage meaningful conversations on these topics. Not everyone will always agree with each other, and that’s OK, but this page is a place for respectful debate and comments on this page will be moderated.

We encourage you to make comments and there are many constructive comments made on this page. However, please be mindful that a comment will be removed if:

  • It is defamatory or discriminatory, for example if it is racist or homophobic
  • It is abusive, threatening, encourages violence or incites hatred
  • It involves swearing, name-calling, personal attacks or other anti-social behavior
  • It includes video or images that our community may find distressing
  • It is an advertisement or sales pitch
  • It is wildly off-topic or would be reasonably be seen as spam (for instance, the same comment posted repeatedly).

Violation of this policy could result in one or all of the following:

  • – removal of comment or post
  • – blocking and/or reporting to Facebook.

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please direct message us. We do our best to respond to direct messages in a timely way. While we are often active on this page, ACOSS cannot monitor it 24/7. We may not see every inappropriate post right away, so please ignore these comments or report them to Facebook.