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ACOSS National Conference

The ACOSS National Conference is the premier community sector event bringing together key decision makers, practitioners, researchers and the people at the front line of social policy and services.

The ACOSS annual conference is a well-attended event, with over 500 people attending in recent years. Conference participants come from a broad cross section of community and welfare organisations, state and federal government departments, tertiary institutions, business, unions and individuals with an interest in community issues and social justice.

ACOSS National Conference 2015

The 2015 ACOSS Conference Advancing the Common Good will be held in Sydney on 25-26 June. For more information, please go to http://conference.acoss.org.au

For information on how your organisation might be involved in sponsorship, or as exhibitor, please contact Renata on 02 9310 6203 or renata@acoss.org.au

Past conferences:

2014: Global problems, local solutions: Tackling Inequality in Australia and beyond
11-12 June | Brisbane 

In 2014 the conference present the latest ideas and directions on social policy in Australia. In 2014, with the G20 World Leaders meeting on our doorstep, the program featured the Australian Civil Society 20 (C20) and explored opportunities for the community sector to engage with the G20 agenda for Inclusive Growth during the Australian G20 presidency. 

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2013: Community: The Heart of the Economy
25-26 March | Adelaide

In 2013, with both the Federal Budget and election to follow, the ACOSS National conference provided an opportunity to discuss the latest ideas and directions on policy and practice affecting people experiencing poverty and inequality and those who work with them.

View conference papers here

2012: Sharing the Wealth of the Lucky Country
29-30 March | Sydney

At a time when Australians' material wealth has been booming, the 2012 ACOSS National Conference provided a forum for a diverse range of people to discuss the policy and practice which will put equality in Australia at the forefront of public debate.

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2011: Challenging Inequality! Social action in an ever changing world
29-30 March | Melbourne

Whilst inequality remains an enduring feature of Australian society, changes across a range of social, economic and political domains have challenged the ways in which we theorise, talk about, and act on the dimensions of inequality. This year's event assembled a diverse line-up of speakers to discuss inequality and social action in contemporary Australia.

View conference papers here

2010: A Vote for Equity 
25-26 March | Canberra

In an election year, this conference examined key areas of social policy, community sector services, and the needs of social service clients and their communities.

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Building a Fair Australia in Tough Economic Times
2-3 April 2009 | Sydney

  Conference Papers Day 1    




Conference Papers Day 2



Taking steps for a fair go for all - social inclusion policies and practices
9-10 April 2008 | Melbourne

 Conference Papers




Australia Fair: Taking steps towards a fair go for all Australians
22-23 November 2009 | Adelaide

Conference Papers Day One

Conference Papers Day 2




Australia Fair: Advance or Retreat. Celebrating 50 years of the Australian Council of Social Service
23-24 November 2006 | Sydney

Conference Papers - Day One 

Conference Papers - Day Two

Re-imagining Australian Society - visions and solutions
10-11 November 2005 | Brisbane

Conference Papers

From the Margins to the Centre
28-29 October 2004 | Alice Springs

Conference Papers

Piecing it Together : Equity, Empowerment and Change
13-14 November 2003 | Canberra

Conference Papers

A Fair and Inclusive Australia
27-29 November 2002 | Hobart

Leaping the Chasm | 25-26 October 2001