Survey: Family Violence and Money Problems – what can help you recover financially?

WIRE’s New National Survey

Research Project Survey

Help us grow our understanding of the financial support and education needs of victim/survivors of family violence and be in the running to win one of 20 x $50.00 gift cards or a voucher for an online money course for women called “Journey to Mindful Wealth” worth $297.

Family Violence and Money Problems: What can help you recover financially?

WIRE invites participants to complete this survey as part of a new research project on Financial Teachable Moments for women affected by family violence.Start the survey

Why? Family violence has devastating financial impacts, victim/survivors need access to timely and appropriate financial education, information and support to assist them to protect and re-build their finances and get back on their feet.
Data from this survey will be used to inform government, educational services, businesses and community’s services on how they can best meet the needs of victim/ survivors recovering financially from family violence.

Purpose? To ask those with lived experience: When are the best times and places for victim/survivors to get financial support and information? Which topics are most important at different stages of the family violence journey?

Who is the survey for? Women living anywhere in Australia who have experienced controlling, abusive or coercive relationships in the past or present. Open to anyone who identifies as a woman, female/ femme or people that are gender diverse, non-binary or gender non-conforming who have experienced oppression and sexism as a result of being identified as a woman or girl.

How long will it take? The survey is in English language, with mostly multiple choice questions, and will take about 20 minutes altogether. Anyone who completes the survey can enter a prize draw for one of 20 gift cards worth $50.00 each, or a voucher for an online money course for women called “Journey to Mindful Wealth” worth $297 run by ‘Wellthy” in Brisbane. Read more HERE

Start the survey: Family Violence and Money Problems: What can help you recover financially?

WIRE Women’s Information has been providing women with information and support for nearly 40 years. Family (or domestic) violence refers to controlling or harmful behaviours from family members (e.g. partners, in-laws, parents, children, relatives or carer). Many women may not use the label family violence’ or realise that physical, sexual, financial and emotional control, abuse or coercion is family violence until someone uses that term to explain it.

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National Volunteer Week 21-17 May 2018

National Volunteer Week (NVW) will be held from 21-27 May 2018. National Volunteer Week is the annual celebration of Australia’s volunteers who generously give their time to various causes and activities.

This year, Volunteering Australia have announced a new theme that represents the millions of volunteers who make a significant impact in their communities and on society, by giving a little of their time.

The new theme is: Give a little. Change a lot.

Resources, including logos, are available for download here:

Please check the website regularly over the coming months for additional updates.

We look forward to celebrating Australia’s 6 million volunteers!

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