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Most recent factsheets

Reform of childcare and family payments

May 2015

Category: Employment & Income Support Category: Poverty & Social Inclusion

This briefing note on the reform of childcare and family payments outlines the problems with current policy settings around these issues, along with ACOSS recommendations for change.


Funding uncertainty hurting Australia’s Community Sector

December 2014

Category: Community Services Category: Sector Development

Funding uncertainty and inadequacy is widespread across Australia’s community sector. It has been driving high levels of unmet demand and undermining the capacity of the sector to meet effectively the needs of people experiencing poverty and inequality. This factsheet expands on the current state of Federal funding in Australia, as at December 2014.


Compulsory income management: a flawed answer to a complex problem

September 2014

Category: Economics & Tax Category: Indigenous Category: Poverty & Social Inclusion Category: Social Security

This update of income management gives an insight into the income management scheme and how it works in different areas. It also looks at evaluations of the scheme and policy alternatives.


Social Security Trends: Policy snapshot, April 2014

April 2014

Category: Employment & Income Support Category: Poverty & Social Inclusion Category: Social Security

The snapshot counters the argument that there is a ‘blowout’ in the number of people on welfare. It provides information about changes in the number of people who rely on social security payments, and about past and future budget expenditure on social security payments and services.

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ACOSS funding certainty brief

March 2014

Category: Community Services

The Terms of Reference of the Commission of Audit state that it “has a broad remit to examine the scope for efficiency and productivity improvements across all areas of Commonwealth expenditure.” ACOSS has called for people experiencing poverty and inequality be protected from the impact of any consequent cuts. However the implications of funding uncertainty extend throughout the sector - they affect the provision of services to clients; they are crucial for paid staff; and they affect the overall viability of community organisations.


Make essential services available and affordable: energy

August 2013

ACOSS' election factsheet on making essential services available and affordable, particularly access to energy.


Reduce poverty: improve employment

August 2013

Category: Employment & Income Support Category: Poverty & Social Inclusion

ACOSS' election factsheet on reducing poverty by improving employment.


Reduce poverty: child poverty and family payments

August 2013

Category: Employment & Income Support Category: Poverty & Social Inclusion Category: Social Security

ACOSS election factsheet on how to reduce poverty in Australia, especially child poverty.


ACOSS analysis of announcement on dental reform

September 2012

Category: Health

ACOSS' briefing and analysis of the Federal Government's announcement on dental reform.


ACOSS Poverty Report: It’s time to raise Newstart to tackle growing inequality in Australia

October 2011

Category: Employment & Income Support Category: Poverty & Social Inclusion

To mark Anti-Poverty Week,, ACOSS has updated its Poverty Report bringing together all the latest publically available measurements of inequality and poverty in Australa. ACOSS is using the update to call on the Commonwealth Government to commit to increase income support allowances like Newstart as recommended by the Henry Review, in order to tackle the growing gap between the haves and have-nots in Australia.  ACOSS CEO, Dr Cassandra Goldie said, "The evidence is mounting of a growing divide with more people hitting hard times and falling into poverty.

"There is widespread consensus that the paltry payment levels for allowances such as Newstart, Parenting Payment Single, and Youth Allowance is one of the principle reasons for increasing hardship and poverty in our rich country. This was highlighted at the recent Tax Forum in Canberra where participants almost unanimously agreed that the Newstart Allowance of $35 a day is simply not enough to live on.