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ACOSS Reports & Submissions

Each year ACOSS prepares numerous submissions to the Federal Government. We also undertake research and produce reports on policy areas that impact disadvantaged Australians. The latest ACOSS submissions and topical papers appear below as downloadable links.

Most recent papers


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Submission to the Inquiry into the Abbottt Government’s Budget Cuts

August 2014

This short, letter-style submission into the Inquiry into the Abbott Government's Budget Cuts outlines our views on the effects of the Budget cuts, especially for those on low incomes.


Submission to Review into Australia’s Welfare System

August 2014

ACOSS submission into the McClure Review of Australia's Welfare System. In this submission, we recommend the introduction of a single payment for income support, which has supplements added that are dependent upon individual need. We also propose the establishment of an independent commission that would review a benchmark for rates of this payment.


ACOSS Contracting Guide for the Community Sector

August 2014

A guide to contract negotiations for the community sector


Submission to Social Security Budget Bills Inquiry

August 2014

ACOSS recognises that Australia faces a budget challenge in meeting the growing gap between the community’s reasonable expectations of government and available resources to meet those expectations. That is why we have supported the need for a comprehensive review of revenue and expenditure to set the budget on a sustainable path for the future. However, we believe the priority should be to reign in wasteful expenditure, ensure spending is targeted to those who need assistance most and begin necessary reforms to create a sustainable and equitable tax system. While this Inquiry is focused on social security budget measures, it is important that these measures are understood in the broader context of the 2014-15 Federal Budget and its disproportionately adverse impact on low and moderate income households.


Submission to Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Child Care Measures) Bill (No. 2) 2014

July 2014

ACOSS short letter style submission to this measure explains how the proposed amendment to maintain the Child Care Benefit income thresholds at the June 2014 rates for a further 3 years will have adverse affects on some low and moderate income households.


Submission to Social Security Legislation Amendment (Stronger Penalties for Serious Failures) BIll

July 2014

This short submission shows that, while we support a fair complaince system, we have always regarded the eight week penalty as harsh.


Submission to Senate Inquiry into Private Health Insurance Amendment (GP Services) Bill

July 2014

This is a short letter-form submission that outlines ACOSS' position on this bill. This position, briefly, is that ACOSS supports a universal healthcare system that attempts to eliminate the current social gradient of health. The proposed Bill, however, would have the effect of widening rather than reducing existing inequities in health.


A Budget that divides the nation: ACOSS 2014-15 Budget Analysis

May 2014

ACOSS' analysis of the Federal Budget for 2014-15. This paper consists of an overview of the budget; a table of who will pay for what measures; the effect of budget decisions on the bottom line, and a detailed analysis of measures in the following key areas:

  1. Employment services
  2. Working-age payments
  3. Family payments
  4. Retirement incomes
  5. Health
  6. Education and Early Childhood Services
  7. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs
  8. Community Services

Submission to the Inquiry Into the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (Repeal)

May 2014

ACOSS has long advocated for effective regulation of the community sector. ACOSS’ positions around the essential elements of effective national regulation have been the result of significant policy development, consultation with members and engagement with a range of stakeholders over many years. It particularly draws on the contributions provided by the Council of Social Service network which operates across all states and territories in Australia.


Submission to Inquiry into the Health Insurance Amendment (Extended Medicare Safety Net) Bill 2014

April 2014

ACOSS has deep concerns about the trends in healthcare funding that have seen a move away from universal coverage towards a system of co-payments with associated safety nets to protect vulnerable consumers2. This is an issue that we will explore in greater depth in our response to the Senate Inquiry into Out-of-pocket Costs in Australian Healthcare, but one that needs to be noted in relation to our response to changes to the Extended Medicare Safety Net.


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