ACOSS National Network

ACOSS National Network

ACOSS and our members share a vision of working for a fair, inclusive and sustainable Australia

As the peak welfare organisation for the community sector, ACOSS engages with our membership to develop policy and advocacy strategies that improve the lives of disadvantaged and socially excluded Australians.

ACOSS and our members share a vision of working for a fair, inclusive and sustainable Australia.

Our members support ACOSS to develop sound policy and undertake effective advocacy on the needs of people affected by poverty, disadvantage and inequality, and to build a strong and sustainable community sector.

This work is vital to ensure that the issues affecting low income and disadvantaged Australians are brought to the attention of the general public and key decision makers.

ACOSS offers levels of membership for national, state organisations and individuals. These membership levels are outlined below. 

ACOSS membership offers you:


Stay on top of policy developments and community sector news through our :

  • Member consultations
  • Monthly member newsletters
  • Media releases
  • Member discounts to the Australian Journal of Social Issues.


Contribute to the development of policy submissions and advice provided to the Federal Government and other national bodies such as the Productivity Commission.


Receive membership rates at the annual ACOSS National Conference; as well as seminars held throughout the year.


Publicise your events and job vacancies through ACOSS' website.

ACOSS Membership types

National Membership:

National Membership is available to national organisations with an active interest in promoting social welfare. National members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, including the election of members of the ACOSS Board of Governors. The ACOSS Constitution requires that organisations wishing to become National Members first provide either a statement of the current or planned program of the organisation (e.g. Strategic Plan) or a copy of the organisation's constitution or charter to the ACOSS Membership Officer.

Affiliate Membership:

Affiliate members are national social welfare organisations, including government organisations with an interest in national social welfare policy that are prevented by their constitutions from joining as National Members.

Associate Membership:

State and local organisations; and individuals, can become Associate Members. This category is available to those that are not eligible for National or Affiliate Membership

For more information or to apply download our information brochure or contact our membership officer on 02 9310 6200 / members@acoss.org.au