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Media Releases

A small business tax cut is not a jobs plan: ACOSS

2 February 2015

In responding to the Prime Minister Tony Abbott's National Press Club speech today, ACOSS has urged the Government to develop a national jobs plan with unemployment expected to increase to as much as... [ Read more ]

Reprieve for vital community services left in limbo by Government Budget cuts

30 January 2015

ACOSS has welcomed the Minister for Social Services the Hon. Scott Morrison's announcement today to extend funding for government-funded services that were advised they had lost funding on Christmas... [ Read more ]

Budget must chart a fairer path back to surplus: ACOSS

29 January 2015

The Australian Council of Social Service today urged the Federal Government to focus on restoring revenue by addressing inefficient tax arrangements, rather than through spending cuts, and chart a... [ Read more ]

Tax: Are we paying our fair share?

23 January 2015

ACOSS today released a new report on Australia's taxation system which examines how fair our tax is system currently.

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie:

"We undertook this research to provide accurate... [ Read more ]

ACOSS proposes alternative evidence-based and equitable savings to health services

16 January 2015

The Australian Council of Social Service today called on the Federal Government to heed the growing community concern about affordable, accessible universal health care; and to focus on... [ Read more ]

Collective community sector call for Government halt to ‘devastating’ funding cuts

31 December 2014

ACOSS and state and territory Councils of Social Service have issued a collective New Year's Resolution for the Federal Government to stop devastating funding cuts to community organisations all over... [ Read more ]

Government urged to make a new start in 2015

30 December 2014

Two of the nation's leading community welfare organisations today called on our nation's politicians and leaders to partner with business, welfare, community groups, and churches and charities in... [ Read more ]

Shutting down community voices will weaken Government’s ability to make effective reforms

23 December 2014

The Australian Council of Social Service today expressed deep concern at the extensive funding cuts to community sector organisations announced yesterday, including to policy and advocacy work. ACOSS... [ Read more ]